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Fran Abrams, Affiliate


Fran Abrams, Rockville, MD, has an undergraduate degree in art and architecture and a graduate degree in urban planning. In January 2000, after making a New Year’s resolution to return to her roots as an artist, she began studying and working with polymer clay. She retired from her day job in July 2010 after 41 years of public service in government and nonprofit agencies in Montgomery County, MD. She then helped to establish the Betty Mae Kramer Gallery and Music Room in the Silver Spring Civic Building in downtown Silver Spring, MD, serving as manager from 2010-2012.

Her medium, polymer clay, is a man-made substance that begins as blocks of solid colored clay-like material. The clay colors blend just like blending paints. Like many polymer clay artists, Fran uses a pasta machine to condition the clay, to blend colors, and to achieve complex designs. Her work is unusual because of what is not there. There is no paint. All of the colors come from the clay itself. The focus is not only on blending the various color clays, but also manipulating the results to express the themes of the pieces. Fran’s work includes pieces designed to be hung on the wall like bas relief as well as sculptures intended to be displayed on a pedestal or shelf. The works that hang on the wall are presented without glass in the frame, allowing the viewer to see the intricacies of the designs.

Fran’s work is shown regularly at Foundry Gallery, a cooperative, artist-run gallery in Washington, DC, where she served as president from 2014-2018.  She also speaks to local artist groups about how to get their artwork into galleries and exhibits. Her work, in competition with more traditional mediums, has been juried into and won awards in numerous exhibits in the greater DC metropolitan area as well as in other parts of the country including Brooklyn, NY. Naples, FL, Baton Rouge, LA and Wichita, KS.

Fran’s artwork also has been juried into national exhibits of polymer clay art in Lexington, MA in 2010 and in St. Paul, MN in 2013. In May 2014, her piece titled “Warmth of the Fire” won Best in 2D Art in the International Polymer Clay Awards competition that included entries from artists around the world. That piece is now in the collection of Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin.

In January 2020, Fran celebrated 20 years of working with polymer clay. She continues to explore the possibilities of this remarkably versatile material.

Contact: fran.abrams@gmail.com


Judith HeartSong A&M1

I have been working as a professional artist for more than thirty years now, after a public school education in which my focus was completely art-centric. As a child I was always out in nature, in the woods and along the creek beds of northern Pennsylvania. I developed a sense of awe and respect for the natural world early on and that devotion has never wavered. My work is often called Romantic Pop.

Special allowances were made in the course of my education to provide art instruction and the time I needed to focus on it. I studied privately with some tremendous artists and worked with every sort of material I could get my hands on to build my knowledge of mediums.

Plants and flowers fascinated me with their lush shapes and wonderful colors, and I was always interested in looking at botanical renderings and nature studies. To me they were often cold and impersonal, and that was not how I saw nature. I became captivated with trying to capture and share the world as I saw it.


Jennifer Lynn Beaudet A&M1

Jennifer is an award-winning representational painter whose oil paintings explore intriguing color combinations and brushwork to convey energy and mood. In addition to capturing expressive portraiture, she is inspired by familiar narratives that evoke a sense of possibility, wonder, and story.

See her featured artist portfolio article on Artsy Shark to learn more.

Artist Statement

The process of applying rich color to canvas is extraordinary. It’s tactile, focused, and a pure reflection of connection – to my mind and to my subject. At times, my brushstrokes are purposeful and exact. Sometimes, they are mixed up and chaotic. My mood and curiosities about the subject create a tug and pull of expression that comes through in my work. The process is meaningful to me and my hope is to portray this meaning in my art.

My brushwork and color choices go hand in hand—they are not independent of one another. Sometimes my brush will take a color in a direction that surprises me. It’s all part of the exploration and creative process. I get to share a bit of my process when I leave those marks.

My paintings highlight the possibilities of a moment. These days we need to remind ourselves to connect to our experience of the world — feel its possibilities. The shine and glimmer of a wet roof, the warmth of light during transitions of the day, the excitement of a new adventure, the love in a person’s eyes – all are precious,  fleeting, and beautiful.


Best In Show – “Rockville Art League Juried Members’ Winter Show” Rockville, MD, 2019, Juror: Kris Loya

Third Place, Kensington Category – “Paint the Town Art Show 2019” Kensington Armory, Kensington, MD, 2019, Juror: Glen Kessler

Honorable Mention, Landscape – “Paint the Town Art Show 2019” Kensington Armory, Kensington, MD, 2019, Juror: Glen Kessler

Honorable Mention, Oils – “Women’s Club of Chevy Chase Art Show” Chevy Chase, MD, 2019

Honorable Mention, Portraits – “Women’s Club of Chevy Chase Art Show” Chevy Chase, MD, 2019

Third Place – “Penn Place Invitational Show”, Garret Park, MD, 2019

First Place, Landscape – “Paint the Town Art Show 2018” Kensington Armory, Kensington, MD, 2018, Juror: Gavin Glakas

Best in Show – “Paint the Town Art Show 2018” Kensington Armory, Kensington, MD, 2018, Juror: Gavin Glakas


Mary Vinograd A&M1

Mary sees Art as an interactive cycle supporting self-expression, learning and healing for both the creator and the viewer. Mary studied painting at East Carolina University and UNC Chapel Hill. Her artwork includes paintings in acrylic, oils and mixed media. A licensed mental health professional (MSW, LCSWc) with  specialized training in energy psychology and excessive therapies, Mary has spent the recent 10 years working in the field of mental/ behavioral health providing counseling and social services, which include the use of art for therapeutic purposes. See Mary’s line of  art for children.

Amy Sabrin A&M1

In my art, I am drawn to joyous colors, bold compositions, and glowing light. Watercolors – with their transparent luminosity and purity of hue – are my preferred medium, but I also work in acrylics.  My works depict the quiet beauty of quotidian objects and the bolder beauty of nature, but my true subjects are light, color, pattern and shape.

My enthusiasm for art dates to my childhood, when my father would take me to the great museums in Manhattan.  I studied drawing and painting in high school and college, where I majored in art history. I moved to Washington, D.C., in 1974 and pursued a career first in journalism and then in law, rising to become a partner at the firm of Skadden, Arps, where I practiced white collar criminal defense law.  All the while, I painted when I could, and studied with several fine teachers, including Susan Abbott and Deborah Ellis at the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia, and Walt Bartman and Glen Kessler of the Yellow Barn Studio at Glen Echo National Park in Maryland.  In 2011, I retired to travel and devote more time to developing my skills as a visual artist.   I take my paints with me when I travel, and have painted in France, Italy, Mexico, the Bahamas, and the American Southwest.

In 2015 I was selected for membership in the Potomac Valley Watercolorists, and in 2016 I became a juried member of the Touchstone Gallery in Washington D.C. (http://www.touchstonegallery.com).  Several of my award-winning works have been accepted in juried shows, including:

·      “Shadow Play,” Best in Show, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, Open Show, Dec. 2017

     “Glen Echo Creek,” Best in Show (watercolor), The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, Open Show, Oct. 2017

·      “Stained Glass October”, Yellow Barn Gallery Members Show, December 2014

·      “Market Baskets, Provence”, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, All Media Exhibit, January 2015

·      “Tin Box with Tulips”, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, All Media exhibit, April 2015

·      “Chinese Lanterns with Pumpkin”, Honorable Mention, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA Open Exhibit, September 2015

·      “Okavango”, The Art League, Alexandria, VA, “Superstition and Belief “ Show, October 2015


Tony Ventouris Photography A&M1

Born into a family of contractors, Tony Ventouris has been surrounded by architects, developers, and artists since an early age and has naturally developed a deep appreciation for the art of building. His unique background, photographic education, and lifelong devotion to the creation of artistic images has resulted in his successful career as a professional photographer.


Laura-Leigh Palmer A&M1

Laura-Leigh Palmer is chief and only creative at asap graphics+interiors360 a boutique marketing firm for small and medium businesses and organizations. She takes the company motto “making small companies look big and big companies look good” seriously. Work for both print and web includes: social media postings and graphics, web site creation, brochures, logos, ads, print collateral, illustration and event and product photography.

She is an Adjunct Professor at Montgomery College teaching Introduction to Digital Illustration and Intro to Web Design, and is a Google Trusted photographer creating StreetView Enhanced tours for local businesses. She is active in multiple organizations: Keyclub Advisor for JFKenndy High School, Secretary of the Wheaton Silver Spring Kiwanis, past President and current member and on the board of the Wheaton Kensington Chamber of Commerce, and past President of MAA (Montgomery Art Association) and current member. She is the founder of Adobe Addicts and Digital Creators and active with the Wheaton Arts Parade and Festival projects: parade, arts factory, gallery and pop up arts events.

Recent 2d work includes a wall mural at Artists & Makers Studio (Butterflies Rebirth) that falls in line with her interest in optical illusions and dreamscapes. 3d work involves book deconstruction with folding, pocket size icons and yin yang symbol collages formed from found objects. Currently working on a series of the 60 year Chinese Zodiac and is concentrating on founding a new organization the Wheaton and Greater Kensington Historical Society as a place for the research she accumulated while writing Images of America: Wheaton published by Arcadia Press. 




Ann Corbett A&M1

I make art to discover the joy that is within.  All the elements of nature’s patterns and beauty are ours to discover and celebrate.

As an explorer, I open myself to the discoveries of paint and canvas. In that realm is an opportunity to find what lies under the surface of daily consciousness. I begin with loosely applied marks applied in an intuitive manner. Building upon this with spontaneous/loose gesture, I respond with variations of shape, color, texture to create abstraction related to emotion and feeling.

As colors and shapes emerge – some more dramatic and lyrical than others – negative shapes are defined; some areas recede while some blend; and the whole emerges as a simple, all-in-a-moment (gestalt) experience. 

These new mark-and-shape relationships can suggest leaves, lozenges, triangles, ovals, dots, waves and other reminders of the natural world’s geometry, patterning and beauty.

My process varies slightly in the two different media – whether distilling down to essentials as seen in making the large acrylic abstractions or accumulating and layering through the cold wax and oil works. 

Ann Corbett has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and Design.  Her gestural mark-making and interest in texture has evolved through various post-graduate painting workshops.

Her paintings include organic shapes in bold colors as well as a form of personal geometry that highlights her joy in nature’s creation. 


Neal Schlosburg A&M1

Neal Schlosburg – NS Fine Art Images

Artist Statement

Neal Schlosburg, photo artist: The mood of an image is a shared experience between artist and viewer.

I explore energy, emotion, and sensibilities with my images and their titles. My goal is to have an expressive exchange; one soul directly to another. I converse with light, shades, tones, textures, shapes, and words to tell a story and to convey my feelings. Life is diverse, so too are the moods.

“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.” Ansel Adams

Artist Bio

More than fifty years past, my first hands on experience to photography was in summer camp. We developed black and negatives and printed them as contact sheets (thumbnails). The textures and shades of charcoal and pastels would later inform my photographic art.

Through the course of my life, my influences and passions have changed and evolved. Most of my artistic images over the last seven years reflect my desire to interact with spontaneous emotions. My subject matter is varied, but it is people and flowers I am most drawn to.

Musical Connection

Music has been an essential part of my life, and it entered the creative process in an unexpected way. Looking at one of my fine art images, a large delicate white flower with linen like petals, my wife said it reminded her of a beautiful wedding dress. The moment she made that comment, Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” played in my head. Since then, all my images are named after a song title, an album title, or a band name.

NS Fine Art Images & My Picture Tells A Story

Gen Gaines, Affiliate

Gen Gaines - Narcissistic Supply

I am a Native Washingtonian (as in the,”District of Columbia”).

I can’t remember a point in my life when I wasn’t creating some form of visual art. I’ve explored various artistic mediums and forms of visual expression such as acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings; magazine collages and clay sculptures; pastel, graphite; charcoal, color pencil and (sumi)ink drawings; various kinds of archival paper and fabric printing, and more.

I have an extensive formal education in the fine arts—having attended Moore College of Art and graduating with a BA Degree in Arts Management from Howard University (studio art courses and business electives)in 2007.

Soon after graduating, my thyroid gland was severely damaged as a result of a botched medical procedure. My health became increasingly worse and I soon became abysmally out of touch with all aspects of my life. I continued to work but, I then sought out primarily clerical roles — far removed from what I went to school for. Eventually, I closed the door to all artistic pursuits.

In 2010, I was challenged with a professional diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Type l. I can also evidence a mild Provisional Tic Disorder manifesting in facial grimacing and Coprolalia when I am under significant emotional stress. In 2016, I was diagnosed by an Endocrinologist with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

This news was devastating but, extremely helpful. How? Because now, at least, I could understand what was making me so unwell for so long and, I was armed with a protocol to treat it.

In 2017, I discovered Art Enables. I volunteered as a staff aid at this NGO. They then offered me a Resident Artist Fellowship and I slowly began to switch back on the right side of my brain. The AE program helps disabled emerging artists (of all stripes) free up their mental and emotional baggage to produce exceptional works of art. For me, it proved to be extremely transformative.

I began to plumb the depths of my imagination with representational and abstract forms of acrylic painting and I have not looked back. I have begun to view and to conduct myself as a legitimate, professional artist.

I am currently inspired by the figurative mastery of Chloe Piene and the notan draughtmanship of Alphonse Mucha. Other professional artists of interest to me are: Tim OkamuraKadir NelsonMichael D’ Antuono, and others -too many to list.

As of April 2019, I am also a resident artist with Artists & Makers Studios located in Rockville, Maryland. My studio hours vary. More information about my A&M journey will be provided within the coming months.

So… Thank you for your interest in my art and in my life! Your visit to my website is greatly appreciated.


Paola Luther A&M1

Paola Luther’s delicate touch and sense of light and color infuses her broad range of art styles and mediums.  Paola has been painting since childhood. As an adult she became a professional artist in fine arts and continues to expand her skills under the tutelage of artists from Washington DC, Los Angeles, Spain, Peru and Central America.  Paola has attended multiple workshops with talented artists around the world. Traveling is a large part of Paola’s artistic inspiration. She has produced colorful plein-air pieces, commissioned paintings and portraits.  Paola’s original works can be found in private collections in the United States and Europe.


Pooja Campbell, Affiliate

My figures co-habitat a world filled with nature and colour – because that is how I see myself. Essentially nature. The subtleties, complexities, the curves, and arches of the body are very like the forms and lines you would find in the natural world around us.

Using line and form as structural guidelines, I sort through the internal dialogue I have about the realities of life, the truth in meditation, and my place in nature.

Sometimes I conflict with nature – my un-enlightened self, and sometimes I am in harmony with it – my ultimate self.

In my lotus series, my goal is to get the viewer to focus on the simplicity and elegance of line along with the beauty and almost abstract quality of the shapes.

I respond deeply to the lotus’ symbolism and the role it plays to a Hindu in our spiritual awakening. Rising from muddy waters to a thing of beauty and purity – devoid of attachment, the ultimate goal.

By keeping colour to a minimum, all extra noise is cut off and viewing the paintings becomes an almost meditative experience.


1999 – 2001 – Textile Designing Cape Technikon, Cape Town, South Africa

1995 – 1999 – B.F.A Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

1994 – 1995 – Visual Arts Centennial College, Toronto, Canada

1991 – 1994 – Fine Arts Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, India


Josh Scott A&M1

I once was a zombie.

Maybe not technically, but pretty close. I was cognitively impaired, groaned a lot, had no short-term memory, and shuffled from room to room in a half-awake trance. I was still human, kinda, but an undiagnosed neuropathy (nerve damage) in my legs was robbing me of deep sleep, turning me into a  “zombiefied” version of myself. As my family searched for answers, I started painting again. 

That’s when the lasercats were born. 

I make them now for a few reasons. The first is a simple desire to infuse levity & humor into a complex and chaotic world. The second is distraction. The new creative process I discovered during this time allows me to be positively distracted from pain. I use large rolls of transparencies 10 feet at a time, flicking, stroking, spraying, scraping, dripping and pouring paint as I move around the large surface. With my art school & interactive design training, I incorporate traditional painting, as well as digital into the mix, layering them into my mixed-media art sandwich. It’s the hybrid marriage of mark-making skills, along with my personal art therapy, that interests me most about this process moving forward. The themes I am exploring in the work include levity in chaos, information overload, empowerment, the pros and cons of technology, and the augmentation of the organic.

In case you are wondering, we solved the zombie riddle. My neuropathy is under control and I am human again for the first time in years.  100%


Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Howard University- MFA Painting Spring 2012 Jackson State University – School of Liberal Arts Degree: Bachelor of Art in Art; May 2004
 Magna Cum Laude
 555 Non Profit Gallery and Studios- Detroit, MI. June-August 2012 Art Residency
Tougaloo Art Colony- Tougaloo, MS. July 2003 Art Residency
Solo Exhibitions 2017
Athena Shrugged (2) Long/Sharp Gallery New York, NY April 26 – June 17, 2017
 Mosaic Project Pennsylvania College of Art and Design Lancaster, PA August 23-October 30, 2016
Take Me Away The Southern Gallery Charleston, South Carolina
 The Cost of Making Her Run The N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art Detroit, MI November 6- January 2, 2016

From CultureType.com:

“AS A YOUNG GIRL, Jamea Richmond-Edwards got lost in the pages of Ebony magazine. She was particularly drawn to the runway images from the Ebony Fashion Fair show. Through the otherworldly photographs of stunning black models styled in wildly imaginative ensembles, she discovered haute couture and envisioned herself as a fashion designer. Years later, she chose visual art over fashion design, but never gave up on her desire to explore the artifice of dressing.

“Those images were very visually affirming for me. It presented black women in a space that I had never seen before,” Richmond-Edwards told me via email………”


Gloria Miotto

Originally from Brazil, rediscovering my passion for painting has been a journey back to my roots. As an artist, I overcome the challenging hardships in this world by maintaining a positive spirit. I enjoy understanding how human beings interact, integrate and exist as a part of the natural environment. These dynamic movements are transported into my paintings in the themes I choose, and in the combinations of colors I select, and using a unique technique I have developed, which give to the viewers the impact of my message. I like to be presented with challenges and use each experience to represent social themes in my surrounding and the world’s environment. My style is abstract expressionism. Art has always been a passion of mine and I continue to learn through my experiences and taking various classes at local colleges.




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