Jennifer Logun A&M1

Jennifer Logun’s paintings weave spatial constructs with rigorous color study. She works in acrylic paint on large canvases using non-traditional tools and techniques. Gouache on paper paintings, color-aid on paper collages and hand-stitched fabric collages serve as studies for and meditations on her larger canvases. Jennifer became interested in the intersection between color and three-dimensional space while pursuing her Masters of Architecture degree. Her graduate thesis explored The Materiality of Process and as an architectural designer she continued to look at projects first and foremost through the lens of color and materials. Jennifer’s most recent pieces further delineate the juxtaposition of surface and volumetric color. She is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt Institute and has taught in both the Interior Design Department and the Foundation Department. Her courses focus on color and design for undergraduate as well as graduate students and are a large influence on her explorations. Jennifer has lived and worked in New York City for over two decades where she also draws inspiration from unconventional conversations with her three children.

Yuno Baswir A&M1

My paintings are abstract. The form of my artwork is the result of my interest in expressing and depicting the dynamics and the tension created by the juxtaposition of things that are opposite, such as:

. one vs. many

. light vs. dark

. cool vs. warm

. ascension vs. descent

. still vs. dynamic

. what is on the right vs. what is on the left

. what is above vs. what is below

. what is in the foreground vs. what is in the background

. what is visible vs. what is invisible

. the feminine quality vs. the masculine quality

I choose specific kind of lines, colors and shapes to emphasize the contrast between opposites.

Through these juxtapositions and the resulted paintings, I hope my artwork communicates to the viewers the values and the feelings we all can recognize.
I also want my paintings to speak about things such as: harmony, growth, hopes, the zeal of life and optimism, the mystery of life, unity, and diversity.

Spending 24 years of my life in Indonesia and 33 years in America greatly influences my work, both visually as well as conceptually.

Personally speaking, painting for me is an act of remembrance of all that I love.

ydb, washington dc, may 9, 2017

Zita M. Simutis, Affiliate

Zita served as President of the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild from May 2009 until June 2011. She is a wet feltmaker, dyer, and embroiderer and you can see her artwork at Fiberworks at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and at the Studio Gallery in Davis WV. Online you can see Zita’s work at, listed under artists. She was a Resident Artist in the Fiber Studio at VisArts Center in Rockville, MD from April 2010 to March 2013, and the Fiber Studio project was juried in by Stacy Sklaver and Judith HeartSong.

She has taken surface design and dyeing classes at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art in Washington DC, The Art League of Alexandria, VA and at Springwater Fiber Workshop in Alexandria with Candace Edgerely. Zita’s felting teachers include Jorie Johnson, Chad Alice Hagen, Lisa Klakulak, Liz Clay, Sharon Costello, Liz Clay, Andrea Graham, Chris White, and Renate-Maile Moskowitz.

Zita primarily focuses on combining felting, dyeing, and embroidery, producing a variety of products, including gorgeous purses, scarves, wall hangings, table runners, and vessels.

Zita’s work has been selected for juried exhibits in the DC area at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art, VisArts, The Creative Craft Council and at the Saville Gallery in Cumberland, WV .

Formerly she served the Director of the US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences and concurrently the Chief Psychologist of the US Army.

Specialties: Felting, Dyeing, Embroidery, Beading

Cognitive Psychology 

Pat Goslee, Affiliate


Anne Sanderoff-Walker A&M1

Smooth silks…

Warm wools…

Color, Color, Color

These are the tools that noted weaver and fiber artist
Anne Sanderoff-Walker uses to create wearable fiber art,
quilted wall hangings, and Judaica Legacy pieces.

Anne chooses the fibers she uses for their color and texture. She focuses on clothing construction using her own hand-woven textiles. The fabrics for her legacy wall hangings are carefully chosen based on each original design.

Choose a completed piece from Anne’s gallery, or commission a custom, one-of-a-kind design to flatter your body, decorate your home, or commemorate a special celebration such as a wedding, commitment ceremony,
anniversary, birth, or religious occasion.

Janet Barnard A&M1

Which path to take is always a dilemma when it comes to fiber art. I have experimented with a myriad of techniques, taken countless workshops, and I am still amazed at the opportunities to learn yet another style, process or method.  At present, I focus on silk dyeing and weaving, creating clothing, accessories and wall art. Many more ideas are hiding in the wings, waiting to be played with.

Jamie Downs, Affiliate

Jamie Downs has been painting for over forty years.  For most of the time, her work has been a non-objective Jungian search of the collective unconscious; but 15 years ago it took an unexpected turn.  Very large close-up images of flowers became a part of the mixed media paintings, and that began a new direction and inspired some new work for this artist who works in series.

As a very young child Jamie was obsessed with birds – playing bird and drawing birds.  What would thirty plus years of abstract expressionist style work do to her paintings of birds?  That exploration would become a fun adventure which would expand to animals as well.

Like most artists, Jamie has had other day jobs throughout her life.  Her work as a newspaper photographer, graphic designer and web designer, arts administrator, curator, gallery operator… has provided skill sets that have become a part of her creative process.  The inspiration for several of her birds and animals comes from scanned black and white negatives from her time as a photojournalist.  Other paintings are derived from her huge collection of photographs from family trips to zoos across the US or vacations in Central America.

Her process often begins as digital and is rarely shown at that stage.  The final work on canvas or Mylar is several steps removed from this initial digital creation.  Her mixed media paintings reflect her love of materials and techniques.  Beginning with watercolor, colored pencil, water based crayon and markers, she progresses through acrylics and inks to Sennelier oil pastels and sometimes oils, using numerous mediums, metallics, glazes, pigments…producing multiple, though subtle, textures.   Layers of the process are often preserved, color field style, on the edges of the painting or in line elements.  Her colors are pure, bright and bold.

Her current series is birds and animals representing each letter of the alphabet.

Jamie’s studio is in Silver Spring, MD and is open by appointment.  She has shown through galleries throughout the Mid-Atlantic and is widely represented on-line.

Elaine Boucher Burch Taylor, Affiliate


B.A. in Fine Art, Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts

B.S.C.S. in Computer Science, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Study Art at Boston University, Harvard University, Montgomery College, Corcoran School of Art and The Compass Atelier

Career as a Software Engineer at NIH, National Cancer Institute

Exhibitions and Gallery Associations

Washington International Art Fair II, III, IV and V

Art Fair Gallery, North Potomac MD

Paul Rosen Graphics, Washington DC

Tidewater Artists’ Association, Norfolk VA

Montgomery County Artists’ Association, MD

United States Information Agency, Central America

Spectrum Gallery, Washington, DC

Gallery Grace, Menlo Park, CA

New York Expo, New York, NY

Art Expo West, Los Angeles, CA

Art Works, Alexandria, VA

Klevit Fine Art, Rockville, MD

Tideline Gallery, Rehoboth, DE

Strathmore Hall Foundation, Member, North Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Membership Juried Show 2007, Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Hall 25thYear Celebration Juried Show, Bethesda, MD

National Institutes of Health 2009 Juried Show, Bethesda, MD

Orchard Gallery, Group Show December 2010, Bethesda, MD

Orchard Gallery, Solo Show February 2011, Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Membership Juried Show 2012, Bethesda, MD

Resident Artist, Washington Art Works, 2015, Rockville, MD

Resident Artist, Artists and Makers II, 2016-2019, Rockville, MD

Resident Artist Group Show, Artists and Makers II, 2019, Rockville, MD

Affiliate Artist, Artists and Makers Studios, 2020-Current, Rockville, MD


Painting published by the United Nations for UNICEF card design; distribution started in 1983.


Various media and subject matter explored over the years.

Elody Crimi, Affiliate

Elody Crimi is an alumni graduate of the Washington School of Photography and is an accomplished commercial and fine arts photographer, specializing in landscape and portrait photography.  She is also a photography instructor, teaching a vast range of classes (currently via Zoom) including: PS Elements for the Painter (through the Compass Atelier), PS Elements for the Photographer and Smartphone Photography (through Washington Photo Safari), and DSLR Basics. 

Her greatest passion is to experiment with raw images, using alternative processes and techniques to assure that the “emotion of the moment” has been captured. Currently, most of her work is creatively altered using various Photoshop techniques.


Stacy Claywell A&M1

fun facts

Stacy was formally trained and has her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

While in college, she of course, had great aspirations and dreamed of doing it all;

paint in France, fashion design in NY, create jewelry in Spain. But as fate would have it, she got caught up in the fast-paced world of advertising. Think redhead meets Mad Men.

Her career took her from South Beach to Madison Avenue. Having worked at some of the worlds top ad agencies & boutique design firms, Stacy has created and produced award-winning work in both the consumer and business space. She is a creative visionary with years of experience in strategy, brand-building, print, advertising, television, product launches and all things digital.

She desperately needed to break out from “behind that large box” (aka iMac) where she spends most of her time .

Picking up the brush again, exploring oils, acrylics and mixed media has allowed her to express herself beyond

the corporate limitations.

And as she always says…The Best is Yet to Come…

You can contact Stacy at



Stacy Claywell / artist & creative guru

Inspired by the sounds and colors of living and working in NYC, Miami and coastal Georgia.

Life experiences are expressed throughout

my work creating a mix of vibrant color as well as a subdued palette. You will find hints of music and dance and a little bit of sparkle throughout my abstractions. I love to make marks on paper, canvas and wood and I am currently working in oils and cold wax.

Stacy now resides in the DC area.

Rhea Reeves Stein, Affiliate

Virginia based mixed media sculptural painter, Rhea Reeves, started as a stone and wood sculptor in her undergraduate studies at Columbus College of Art and Design. Rhea was restricted to lighter materials while recovering from severe head and neck injuries in 2000. She was instantly inspired to work with textiles after seeing the work of Magdalina Abokanowitz. Rhea started exploring quilting materials (thread, cotton-batting, fabric swatches, wire, rafia, organza, and paint) and the combining of fragile fibers to create strong forms. She related the textile materials to the human body with her thesis show, Body in Question.

Rhea’s works are an expression of the human body, how it flows and heals, both physically, energetically, and emotionally. Her art is created within both controlled and spontaneous application processes. Reeves is inspired by trees, the psychology of color,the concept of connection, and how music can affect an artist’s movements.

Her first body of work Pursuit of Love (shown in TN) was her exploration of meditation, music and the intuitive process of what she created when holding the feeling state of LOVE. Her second body of work Surfaces (shown in KY and IN) is her expression of the fleeting aspects of our world and life experiences. Rhea’s Essence Portraits are unique works that capture a person’s nature through line, shape, and color. She interviews each subject and then creates an expression of that person from her interview.

Rhea is passionate about creating works that move people’s imaginations to explore how they respond to these new environments she has created. She is currently working on new, larger scale and assemblage type works in her studio in Vienna.

Joe Reyes, Affiliate

Joe Reyes has been making art for decades and has extensive experience in drawing and painting with a variety of mediums. His area of interest is abstract painting. He creates abstract paintings of various size in the style of abstract expressionism. Some of the mediums he uses for the paintings are acrylic, charcoal, ink, marker, pencil, graphite, watercolor, and many other mediums. His paintings range in larger sizes (10ft) to smaller; of about 10 inches and sometimes doesn’t use just canvas but other surfaces like high quality paper and other interesting types of surfaces. When painting he uses acrylic more times than others however mixed media artworks are also prevalent in his work.





Deborah Brisker Burk, Affiliate

I have been creating artwork since childhood. From a young age, I was fortunate to have been exposed to the great museums of the National Gallery in DC and to have been born into a family of musicians, dancers and writers. Over time my work has evolved from an impressionistic view of the world to an abstract practice.

In creating abstract artwork of the land, sea, sky, and figure, my intuition regarding the color, texture and shape serves as my guide. As an observer of the world around me, I strive to bring an interpretive eye to my work, based on memories, mediations and travel. Action painting, being in the flow of the here and now—a moment of time is how I am able to distill the imagery from the recesses of my psyche. Beyond that, I aim to connect to the culture and people through my work— to uplift and bring a place of serenity and inquiry to the viewer.  mobile: 240-432-0004


Barbara Ziselberger, Affiliate

As a painter working primarily in acrylics and Chinese ink, I am inspired by Chinese calligraphy and American graffiti. I employ gestural brush strokes and asemic marks to produce energetic abstract works with a visual language of their own. An East coast native, my work is informed by dunes of the Atlantic barrier islands and ridges and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains. I currently live and work in the Washington, DC area.


Studied under:

Nicholas Wilton

Bertrand Mao

Helene Mai Sze McCarthy


2018 Juried Exhibition, Labor Day Show, Glen Echo, MD


Private collection, Kensington, MD

Private collection, Buxton, NC

Private collection, Charlottesville, VA


My works can be found online at and at The Swell Art Gallery, Hatteras Island, NC. Current projects and experiments can be viewed on Instagram @barbaraziselberger.



Marilyn Banner, Affiliate

Marilyn Banner holds a BFA in painting from Washington University in St Louis and a MSEd from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Additional studies include 1968-9 Graduate Painting Department at Queens College of CUNY, plus art and art education classes at University of MD, Corcoran, University of Buffalo, and R&F Encaustics. Her works have been widely exhibited in more than thirty solo and over one hundred group shows, and are in numerous public and private collections.

Exhibition venues include The Katzen Museum of American University; The Corcoran Museum, Washington, DC; Ceres Gallery, New York City; McLean Project for the Arts, McLean VA; The University of Maryland Global College (UMGC), College Park MD; Hebrew Union College Museum, NYC; Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ: Artists & Makers, Rockville MD; B’nai B’rith Museum, Washington DC; BlackRock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD; Marymount University, Arlington, VA; Adkins Arboretum, Ridgely MD; Carroll Community College, Westminster, MD; Loyola College, Baltimore, MD; DCAC and Gallery 10, Wash DC; Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, WV; Ratner Museum, Bethesda MD; Delaplaine Center for the Arts, Frederick, MD;  Costa Rican Embassy, Washington, DC and Czech Embassy, Washington DC.

Ms. Banner is the recipient of ten residency fellowships at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Sweetbriar VA, and in 2012 was awarded a Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation VCCA Creative Fellows Grant. She was chosen as one of ten participants in Art Cart 2013, honoring lifelong artists of note in the DC area. Her work has been reproduced and included in Encaustic Art in the 21st Century, by Ashley Rooney, as well as many other books and publications.

Marilyn Banner lives in Takoma Park, Maryland with her musician husband Carl Banner. For 10 years she led No Limits for Women in the Arts support groups locally and traveled the east coast as a No Limits regional leader. With her husband she co-founded (1998) and helps produce Washington Musica Viva, a continuing monthly music and arts performance series. She is a member of Ceres Gallery, New York City.


John Aquilino, Affiliate

John Aquilino Rockville, Maryland
IG: @johnaquilinoartist

Awards and Grants
Art Bank Grant (2020, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2009), DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Best in Show (2019), SATURATION, DISTRICT Arts, Frederick, MD
Juror’s Award (2019), Ebb & Flow: The Power of Water, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center,
Solomons, MD
Second Place (2019), SMALL WORKS Juried All Media Exhibition, Northville Art Center, MI
Bethesda Painting Awards (Finalist, 2016 and 2011; Second Place Award, 2005), Bethesda Urban
Partnership, MD
Honorable Mention (2015), Small Matters of Great Importance: Light and Shadow, Edward Hopper
House Art Center, Nyack, NY
Individual Artist Grant (2010), Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, MD
Individual Artist Award for Visual Arts: Painting (2010, 2008, 2006), Maryland State Arts Council
New American Paintings, Southern Competition #88, 2009 (published June/July 2010)

Selected Solo Shows
2018 Metropolis @ NIH: Paintings by John Aquilino, NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD
Making Waves: Seascape Paintings by John Aquilino, NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD
2017 Metropolis: Paintings and Drawings by John Aquilino, Artists & Makers Studios II, Rockville, MD
2016 Paintings by John Aquilino, Marin-Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD
2014 Paintings by John Aquilino, Marin-Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD
2012 Paintings by John Aquilino, Marin-Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD
2011 Paintings by John Aquilino, Marin-Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD
2010 New Works by John Aquilino, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD
2008 Another Level: New Works by John Aquilino, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD
2007 Urban Color: New Works by John Aquilino, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD

Selected Two- and Three-Person Shows
2020 John Aquilino, Jack Frazier, and Margaret Lee, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2019 John Aquilino and Jack Frazier, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2018 John Aquilino, Jack Frazier, and Margaret Lee, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2017 John Aquilino, Jack Frazier, and Margaret Lee, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2015 John Aquilino, Sam Dixon, and William Wright, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2012 Lee Alban and John Aquilino, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2011 John Aquilino, Bill Jaeger, and Ray Burn, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2008 John Aquilino and Sam Dixon, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
2005 Environmental Dichotomies: Eva K. Carson and John Aquilino, Maryland Federation of Art City
Gallery, Baltimore, MD
John Aquilino, David Daniels, and Donna Radner, Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville, MD

Selected Juried and Invitational Shows
Small Works 2020, Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, NY
Watercolor Group Show, Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA

Cumberland Valley Artists Exhibition, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Hagerstown, MD
(Juror: Eric Key, Arts Program Director, University Maryland Global Campus, Adelphi, MD)
Ebb and Flow: The Power of Water, Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center, Dowell, MD
(Juror’s Award, Juror: Cynthia C. Gilmour, Microbial Ecologist, Smithsonian Environment
Research Center)
4th Biennial Maryland Regional Juried Art Exhibition (BMRE), University of Maryland University
College, Adelphi, MD (Catalog; Jurors: Schroeder Cherry, Artist and Professor of Museum
Studies, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD; Preston Sampson, Artist, Silver Spring, MD;
Gretchen Schermerhorn, Artistic Director, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Hyattsville, MD)
Meet the New Artists, DISTRICT Arts, Frederick, MD
New York City Invitational Show, George Billis Gallery, New York, NY
notBIG(5) The Exhibit, M.S. Rezny Studio/Gallery, Lexington, KY
SATURATION, DISTRICT Arts, Frederick, MD (Best in Show, Juror: Evan Bogges, Director of Phaze
2 Gallery, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV)
SMALL WORKS Juried All Media Exhibition, Northville Art Center, Northville, MI (Second Place,
Jurors: Northville Art House Exhibition Committee)

Americas 2018: Paperworks, Northwest Art Center, Minot State University, Minot, ND (Juror:
Linda Whitney, Artist and Professor of Art, Valley City State University, ND)
Los Angeles Invitational Show, George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

New York City Summer Invitational Show, Art Essex Gallery/George Billis Gallery, New York, NY

A Visionary’s Eye: Glimpse into Carol Trawick’s Private Collection, Stone Tower Gallery, Glen
Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Glen Echo, MD
Americas 2016: Paperworks, Northwest Art Center, Minot State University, Minot, ND (Juror:
Karen Kunc, Artist and Professor of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE)
Bethesda Painting Awards, Gallery B, Bethesda, MD (Finalist; Jurors: Dorothy Moss, Associate
Curator of Painting and Sculpture, National Portrait Gallery; Dr. David Park Curry, Senior Curator
of Decorative Arts, American Painting and Sculpture, Baltimore Museum of Art; and Megan
Marlatt, Professor of Art, University of Virginia).
Drawing Discourse: 7th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing, S. Tucker Cooke Gallery,
University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC (Catalog; Juror; Edgar Jerins, Artist, New York, NY)
Juried Art Exhibit 2016, Maple and Main Gallery, Chester, CT
Summer Show, Art Essex Gallery/George Billis Gallery, New York, NY

Finding Our Place: The Geography of Art, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Solomons,
MD (Juror: Mary Savig, Curator of Manuscripts, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian)
Small Matters of Great Importance: Light and Shadow, Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack,
NY (Honorable Mention; Juror: Dr. Lisa Panzera, Senior Director, Fergus McCaffrey, NY, NY)
26th National Drawing and Print Exhibition, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, MD

Grit: The Urban Landscape, Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA (Juror: Paul Ha, Director, List
Visual Arts Center, MIT, Cambridge, MA)John Aquilino
Small Matters of Great Importance: En Route, Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY
(Juror: Kenise Barnes, Director, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Kent CT and Larchmont, NY)

Seeing the City: Artists’ Views of New York City, George Billis Gallery, New York, NY
Summer Invitational Exhibition, Art Essex Gallery, Essex, CT

Bethesda Painting Awards, Artery Gallery, Bethesda, MD (Finalist; Jurors: Philip Geiger, Art
Instructor, University of Virginia, Evelyn Hankins, Associate Curator, Hirschhorn Museum and
Sculpture Garden, Jinchul Kim, Professor of Painting, Salisbury University)
New York, New York, Marin-Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD
Winter Group Show, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD

New York Moments, George Billis Gallery, New York, NY
Summer Group Show, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD

Winter Group Show, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD
Works by Selected Artists, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD

2008 Move It!, Neptune Gallery, Bethesda, MD
10th Annual All-Media Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC

Annual National Juried Fine Arts Competition, Gallery West, Alexandria, VA
Architectural Treasures, Cooper Carry, Alexandria, VA
Art and Architecture, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD, “Art and Architecture”

Anniversary Show, Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD
8th Annual All-Media Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC
Summer Group Show, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD
UnRappahannock County, Middle Street Gallery, Washington, VA

Bethesda Painting Awards, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2nd Place Award; Jurors: Churchill
Davenport, Professor of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art; Chawky Frenn, Artist and
Professor of Painting, George Mason University, VA; Dr. Claudia Rousseau, Professor of Art
History, School of Art and Design, Montgomery College).
H2O Art, Tevis Gallery, Carroll County Arts Center, Westminster, MD
7th Annual All-Media Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC
Summer Group Show, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD
Winter Group Show, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD

Art Fairs
Art Fair 14C, Jersey City, NJ, George Billis Gallery, New York City + Los Angeles (2020)
SOFA Chicago, IL, George Billis Gallery, New York City + Los Angeles (2019)
Affordable Art Fair NYC, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2007 to 2015)
Architecture Digest Home Design Show, New York City, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2013)
Boston International Art Fair, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2009 to 2011)
Red Dot Art Fair—Wynwood, Miami, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2009)
Bridge Art Fair—Wynwood, Miami, FL, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2008)

Corporate and Public Collections
Brookline Bankcorp, Boston, MA
Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers, Washington, DC (commission)
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (Art Bank Collection ), Washington, DC
Freddie Mac, VA
Garvey Schubert Barer, Washington, DC
Inova Health Care Services, Falls Church, VA
Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami, FL
National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC
Rowe Chiropractic Offices, New York, NY (commission)
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, Washington, DC
The Pinkard Group, Bethesda, MD (commission)

Selected Bibliography and Media
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Art Students League, New York, NY (painting, drawing)
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY (painting, drawing)

Current Gallery Representation
DISTRICT Arts, Frederick, MD
Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Other Affiliations
Artists & Makers Studios, Rockville, MD (affiliate member)
Boston Art, Boston, MA (corporate art consultant)

Bill Johnson, Affiliate

As a little boy Bill Johnson always answered the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” with a very quick “an Artist”! As a senior in high school he was presented with the school’s art award. He went on to major in art in college. Two separate advisors told him he was wasting his money on an art degree. The logic was that you are either an artist or not and the only time a degree in art would be needed would be to teach or as a commercial artist. Not having money, he took the advice and dropped out. He did stay in school as a model for figure drawing classes. In this role he became a peer with the instructors and was able to have his work reviewed and get advice while being paid. Bill spent most of his life working with plants. At age 9 his family lived on a farm and he learned about vegetable gardening. At the time he did not know it was organic gardening, but it did shape his thinking about working with nature. Moving to Washington D.C. He spent 7 years working as a cook. He then worked as a staff horticulturist at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. After retiring from Hillwood in 2016 he finally grew up and is enjoying life as an artist.

Victoria Hanks, Affiliate

My work involves creating compelling illusions, as most successful two-dimensional work ought to do. I’ve always been inspired by the natural world, most specifically human and animal biological subject matter. Most works don’t copy literally from nature but use the remembered impressions of pieces of researched imagery and automatic drawing processes to build compositions. The Surrealists are obvious inspirations for process and uncommon juxtapositions. Artists like Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst, Arshile Gorky, Frida Khalo and Rene Magritte were early influences. Later a fascination with Philip Guston for his bold and primitive use of line as well what I interpret as his ability to strip life down to the barest essentials. Maybe not the essentials we are looking for but what I took from Guston’s paintings of piles of shoes, bare light bulbs hanging in space, stubby cigarettes, etc. were a blunt and direct confrontation with life and death. These ideas I connect with as I see art as a life force in and of itself and perhaps a connection with an intangible world no one can explain.

Current work builds on unexplainable worlds by attempting to put these thoughts into reality with works on paper that layer imagery with transparent ink washes and obvious strong line that depict animals and other three dimensional ordinary things like cars and furniture. Shadows are painted into the works to insist on the viewer suspending their disbelief and “getting into” the work, while at the same time I have cut out and bent the paper so it will throw hard shadows and present itself as an object. I’m looking, in vain I know, for the 4th dimension.

Subject matter takes the idea of life, death and continuity into hard science, albeit in a simple way, as many of the animals placed in these compositions are endangered, extinct or descendants of one or more of the other animals in the work. Falling into the illusions of these works and reading the lists of animals described may reach the viewer on multiple levels. I would hope a viewer would not be able to describe what the paintings are about, no matter how hard they try. Fascination with the unexplainable goes on forever.

Paula Zeller, Affiliate


I am a classically trained representational artist. My work has been shown at the Glave Kocen Gallery in Richmond, among other venues, and has won awards from local art organizations.

I am a member of the Portrait Society of America, Montgomery Art Association, and the Rockville Art League, for which I am the Membership Coordinator. 


I am a quiet person, a listener and observer. Painting is my way of expressing the fullness and nuances of what I see and feel beyond what language can say.

The unspoken poetry and hidden narratives of small, everyday moments are what most intrigue me as an artist. I think of these as quiet connections – between the people I observe, and between these people and myself.

When people interact, I imagine what they might be communicating. When I see an individual’s face, I wonder what lies beneath. The pleasure of painting is questioning my assumptions while coaxing out life on my canvas.

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