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Open Studio Weekends 2019

Open Studio Weekends 2019

APRIL 6 & 7, 12-5 pm
NOVEMBER 2 & 3, 12-5 pm

154+ resident artists working in a wide variety of practices including:
jewelry • glass • fiber • painting • pottery 
• pastel • sculpture • drawing • encaustic • screen printing 
• and more!

Artists & Makers Studios
11810 Parklawn Drive
Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20852

Artists & Makers Studios 2
12276 Wilkins Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852

Spring Open Studio Press Release

December 2018 in the Galleries at A&M 1 and 2

Artists & Makers Studios 1 and 2 Present
Five Exhibits in Six Galleries at Two Locations
for the Month of December

(Rockville, MD) – Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive and Wilkins Avenue in Rockville are featuring four exhibits at two locations with A&M1 Parklawn hosting a solo for artist Liz Lescault – Chimerical, Selected works of Robert Yi, and Inspired by Frida curated by David Amoroso featuring juried artists along with David’s Fridas at both Rockville locations. At Wilkins enjoy a dual exhibit Places to Wander: Paintings by Ken Bachman and Tom Semmes – graduates of the Compass Atelier in the main gallery, and an additional merge gallery filled with more Inspired by Frida. These four exhibits will open First Friday festivities between 6-9pm on December 7th and a holiday market will round out festivities at both locations with Frida-themed art and merchandise on December 7th, 6-9pm and on December 22nd, 10-4pm at both locations.


“Chimerical” with Liz Lescault 
“Robert Yi: Selected Works”
“Inspired by Frida” curated by David Amoroso with juried artists
Opening Reception
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday, December 7th, 2018
Artists & Makers Studios 1
11810 Parklawn Dr., Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20852


“Places to Wander: Paintings by Ken Bachman and Tom Semmes” 
“Inspired by Frida” curated by David Amoroso with juried artists
“Abstracts/Monument” Photographs by David Paynter
Opening Reception
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday, December 7th, 2018
Artists & Makers Studios 2
12276 Wilkins Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852

Artists & Makers Studios 1 on Parklawn hosts “Chimerical” Lescault’s biomorphic sculptures evoke beings that exist only in her mind’s eye. Her sculptures combine elements from all forms and stages of life, active and inert, living and dead, combining attributes and impressions into new visions. “Robert Yi: Selected Works” presents the early works of Robert Yi juxtaposed by current paintings that explore masks, patterns, and symbolism in transition. “Inspired by Frida” curated by David Amoroso features his award-winning works and those of juried artists, along with a Frida-themed market. Theremin music throughout the evening by Arthur Harrison in the artist hall as well as resident artists’ open studios will add to the experience.

Additionally, A&M2 on Wilkins is proud to present a dual exhibit “Places to Wander: Paintings by Ken Bachman and Tom Semmes” featuring landscape paintings from locations near and far by these Compass Atelier graduates. “Inspired by Frida” continues in the merge gallery with accompanying market place of Frida-themed goods. The Montgomery County Camera Club is showcasing club member, David Paynter in his very first solo photography exhibition titled “Abstracts/Monument”, along with a new exhibit by the member artists in Gallery 209 and resident artists’ open studios will be on display – all just 9/10’s of a mile from the flagship location on Parklawn with free parking at both locations and the best parties in town. 

These exhibits at both locations open Friday, December 7th, and continue through Saturday, December 22nd, 2018. Viewing hours coincide with office hours and are 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday, and Sundays/Mondays by chance or appointment.

December Press Release

December 2018 Exhibit Details

Patricia Zannie A&M2

Resident Artist at Artists & Makers Studios

Patricia Zannie  is a local award winning collage artist, and former instructor at Montgomery College for 17 yrs. and is a firm believer that creativity is intuitive and  innate in all of us.  Patricia “paints” with papers from all over the world as well as images from contemporary magazines, using the technique of collage she creates imaginary landscapes. She uses ink, oil pastels and crayons to layer on top of the papers, as well as, fiber objects to enrich surface textures and provide the illusion of space in her “Fauvist” collages.



Jamea Richmond-Edwards A&M2

Howard University- MFA Painting Spring 2012 Jackson State University – School of Liberal Arts Degree: Bachelor of Art in Art; May 2004
 Magna Cum Laude
 555 Non Profit Gallery and Studios- Detroit, MI. June-August 2012 Art Residency
Tougaloo Art Colony- Tougaloo, MS. July 2003 Art Residency
Solo Exhibitions 2017
Athena Shrugged (2) Long/Sharp Gallery New York, NY April 26 – June 17, 2017
 Mosaic Project Pennsylvania College of Art and Design Lancaster, PA August 23-October 30, 2016
Take Me Away The Southern Gallery Charleston, South Carolina
 The Cost of Making Her Run The N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art Detroit, MI November 6- January 2, 2016

From CultureType.com:

“AS A YOUNG GIRL, Jamea Richmond-Edwards got lost in the pages of Ebony magazine. She was particularly drawn to the runway images from the Ebony Fashion Fair show. Through the otherworldly photographs of stunning black models styled in wildly imaginative ensembles, she discovered haute couture and envisioned herself as a fashion designer. Years later, she chose visual art over fashion design, but never gave up on her desire to explore the artifice of dressing.

“Those images were very visually affirming for me. It presented black women in a space that I had never seen before,” Richmond-Edwards told me via email………”


Gloria Miotto A&M2

Originally from Brazil, rediscovering my passion for painting has been a journey back to my roots. As an artist, I overcome the challenging hardships in this world by maintaining a positive spirit. I enjoy understanding how human beings interact, integrate and exist as a part of the natural environment. These dynamic movements are transported into my paintings in the themes I choose, and in the combinations of colors I select, and using a unique technique I have developed, which give to the viewers the impact of my message. I like to be presented with challenges and use each experience to represent social themes in my surrounding and the world’s environment. My style is abstract expressionism. Art has always been a passion of mine and I continue to learn through my experiences and taking various classes at local colleges.




Audra Meckstroth A&M2

Audra Meckstroth is a commercial artist with more than 13 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, brand development and marketing. She began her art education at a young age, first apprenticing with a local painter at age 10, then continuing with formal art programs in high school and college. “My passion is mixed media, and I view this opportunity to join the Rockville artist community as an important step in helping me expand beyond my commercial art career.”

Lisa Laohaphan A&M2

Visual art has been an important part of Lisa Laohaphan’s life for as long as she can remember. An inspirational trip to New York finally pushed her from art appreciator to painter and she began painting to distract her from the pressures of daily life. During a year-long sabbatical in 2013, Laohaphan began to develop her skills and her individual style as a painter. Her time spent traveling Asia, the U.S. and Europe heavily influenced her view of the world and her art.

“I would describe my style as trying to capture a memory in a flat but colorful and tactile way. I paint in 2 1/4 dimensions.”

Karen Lantner A&M1

I did some painting in high school, but then didn’t have much time for art for a long while. School, then marriage, job, raising two sons, directing a dance troupe – all filled up my days, and then some! I took early retirement from my high-stress job (managing very large software development projects) when my husband accepted a tour with the Foreign Service to Niger, in West Africa. Niger has got to be the most exotic place on earth, and it was during our three years there that I discovered a love of photography. Our next tour was to Viet Nam. An Italian friend of mine encouraged me to go with her to the Hanoi Fine Arts University to study traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting. I loved it, but after three years I came back to the states to discover no opportunity to do lacquer painting. So I chose a painting class at random  – “Painting Through the Lens” taught by Glen Kessler. Now, eight years later, I am in year 2 of the 3-year Master Artist Program at The Compass Atelier. My art journey continues to unfold.


Jim Hoehn A&M2

Jim Hoehn is a painter who primarily works with acrylics and oils. His works is in art collections in 14 states.  He is a member of the Gaithersburg City Cultural Arts Advisory Committee, the Maryland Federation of Art, the Montgomery Artists Association, and other art groups.  He has taught, been a juror, and appeared in shows in Maryland and California.  His work appears regularly in Gallery 209 on the third floor at Wilkins. 




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