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Terry Svat A&M1

I am artist and a printmaker in Washington DC area. I have been creating art my entire adult life. My prints hang in Argentina, Chile, Germany, Panama, Brazil and most recently in the new embassy in Sarajevo. Because I have had the opportunity to live and travel across the world, I naturally absorbed some of the culture and the spirit of the people including their symbols, rituals, and markings.

Terry Svat

RockShark Apparel A&M2

We are a full service boutique print shop, located at Artists & Makers Studios 2 in Rockville. We assist you through the entire design and production process. Not only will you know exactly what is going on with your order, our expert designers will make sure your vision is preserved. RockShark Apparel gives limitless possibilities to your shirts, athletic apparel, glassware, and much more! We’ve worked with a variety of industries from large corporate clients to local sports teams. No job is too small for us!


Sue Fierston A&M2

I like to work in series and I’m in the midst of white-line woodcuts based on Yosemite National Park, where I’ll have my second arts residency in August 2017.

In painting, it’s an endless, fascinating puzzle to capture the effects of light on a microscope or a flower. Italian Wooden Microscope, seen here, is a watercolor from my solo show of historical microscope paintings on Yupo, a plastic surface, at the National Museum of Health and Medicine. 

My aim was to contrast the precise shapes of the microscope (all those circles) with the unpredictable flow of watercolor on plastic.

As a printmaker, I make images with woodblocks and with a walking press. I also make direct and indirect prints on paper from natural items, such as fish and leaves. I’m a member of the international Nature Printing Society and I’ll be teaching nature printing out of my studio here at Artists & Makers Studios.  




Elizabeth Steel A&M2

I am a painter whose work reflects a love of and training in sculpture and metalwork. Much of my abstract work focuses on creating two-dimensional wall pieces that have a three-dimensional feeling. To that end, I may manipulate textures, shapes, and colors by enhancing them with materials such as hand-painted papers, sand, or foils, or I may apply liquid acrylics to textured supports or raw canvas. My landscapes (a more recent endeavor) tend to be somewhat more realistic in subject, although not necessarily in palette.


I see art as a way to express ideas, moods, and feelings in a visual and often tactile manner. Some of my paintings are whimsical; others elicit deeper contemplation. I welcome visitors to my studio and am happy to explain my creative process (to the extent that I understand it myself).