Elaine Boucher Burch Taylor, Affiliate


B.A. in Fine Art, Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts

B.S.C.S. in Computer Science, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Study Art at Boston University, Harvard University, Montgomery College, Corcoran School of Art and The Compass Atelier

Career as a Software Engineer at NIH, National Cancer Institute

Exhibitions and Gallery Associations

Washington International Art Fair II, III, IV and V

Art Fair Gallery, North Potomac MD

Paul Rosen Graphics, Washington DC

Tidewater Artists’ Association, Norfolk VA

Montgomery County Artists’ Association, MD

United States Information Agency, Central America

Spectrum Gallery, Washington, DC

Gallery Grace, Menlo Park, CA

New York Expo, New York, NY

Art Expo West, Los Angeles, CA

Art Works, Alexandria, VA

Klevit Fine Art, Rockville, MD

Tideline Gallery, Rehoboth, DE

Strathmore Hall Foundation, Member, North Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Membership Juried Show 2007, Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Hall 25thYear Celebration Juried Show, Bethesda, MD

National Institutes of Health 2009 Juried Show, Bethesda, MD

Orchard Gallery, Group Show December 2010, Bethesda, MD

Orchard Gallery, Solo Show February 2011, Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Membership Juried Show 2012, Bethesda, MD

Resident Artist, Washington Art Works, 2015, Rockville, MD

Resident Artist, Artists and Makers II, 2016-2019, Rockville, MD

Resident Artist Group Show, Artists and Makers II, 2019, Rockville, MD

Affiliate Artist, Artists and Makers Studios, 2020-Current, Rockville, MD


Painting published by the United Nations for UNICEF card design; distribution started in 1983.


Various media and subject matter explored over the years.


Elody Crimi, Affiliate

Elody Crimi is an alumni graduate of the Washington School of Photography and is an accomplished commercial and fine arts photographer, specializing in landscape and portrait photography.  She is also a photography instructor, teaching a vast range of classes (currently via Zoom) including: PS Elements for the Painter (through the Compass Atelier), PS Elements for the Photographer and Smartphone Photography (through Washington Photo Safari), and DSLR Basics. 

Her greatest passion is to experiment with raw images, using alternative processes and techniques to assure that the “emotion of the moment” has been captured. Currently, most of her work is creatively altered using various Photoshop techniques.



Judith HeartSong A&M1

I have been working as a professional artist for more than thirty years now, after a public school education in which my focus was completely art-centric. As a child I was always out in nature, in the woods and along the creek beds of northern Pennsylvania. I developed a sense of awe and respect for the natural world early on and that devotion has never wavered. My work is often called Romantic Pop.

Special allowances were made in the course of my education to provide art instruction and the time I needed to focus on it. I studied privately with some tremendous artists and worked with every sort of material I could get my hands on to build my knowledge of mediums.

Plants and flowers fascinated me with their lush shapes and wonderful colors, and I was always interested in looking at botanical renderings and nature studies. To me they were often cold and impersonal, and that was not how I saw nature. I became captivated with trying to capture and share the world as I saw it.


Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Affiliate

Howard University- MFA Painting Spring 2012 Jackson State University – School of Liberal Arts Degree: Bachelor of Art in Art; May 2004
 Magna Cum Laude
 555 Non Profit Gallery and Studios- Detroit, MI. June-August 2012 Art Residency
Tougaloo Art Colony- Tougaloo, MS. July 2003 Art Residency
Solo Exhibitions 2017
Athena Shrugged (2) Long/Sharp Gallery New York, NY April 26 – June 17, 2017
 Mosaic Project Pennsylvania College of Art and Design Lancaster, PA August 23-October 30, 2016
Take Me Away The Southern Gallery Charleston, South Carolina
 The Cost of Making Her Run The N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art Detroit, MI November 6- January 2, 2016

From CultureType.com:

“AS A YOUNG GIRL, Jamea Richmond-Edwards got lost in the pages of Ebony magazine. She was particularly drawn to the runway images from the Ebony Fashion Fair show. Through the otherworldly photographs of stunning black models styled in wildly imaginative ensembles, she discovered haute couture and envisioned herself as a fashion designer. Years later, she chose visual art over fashion design, but never gave up on her desire to explore the artifice of dressing.

“Those images were very visually affirming for me. It presented black women in a space that I had never seen before,” Richmond-Edwards told me via email………”


Peter Swift, Affiliate

Peter Swift is an award-winning contemporary realist artist.  his artistic philosophy is simple:  “I always paint common, everyday objects.  Using symmetry and design, I try to turn them into something new.  If the symmetry is successful, it will create a kind of dynamic stillness.  The painting will almost seem to absorb sound.”

Peter is a leading proponent of a developing new genre of still-life painting called “Magic Symmetry”.  Magic Symmetry is a combination of: (a) photorealistic renderings of objects; and (b) arrangement of these objects in symmetrical designs, such as circles.  Still-life symmetry is quite different from the traditional “slice-of-life” or “snapshot” approach, showing the objects on a table-top or in a cabinet, which has been used for centuries in still-life painting.  A good example of Magic Symmetry would be Peter’s painting entitled “Eight Wood Screws” shown above (acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, or 122 x 122 cm).


Frank Mancino, Affiliate

My name is Frank Mancino and I am a fine artist living and working in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. I work primarily in charcoal, oils and acrylics. My work ranges from traditional figurative rendering to abstract impasto color explorations in oil and acrylics.

I began formal art study in 2004 with a drawing class at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia. From there I continued art studies at both NoVa and at the Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington, D.C., eventually receiving an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art from NoVa and a Certificate in Drawing and Painting from the Corcoran. I continued my studies in academic drawing and painting with my professors Natasha Mokina and Victor Pohamkin at Winter Palace Studios in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and sculpture study with my professor Patrick Beldio at Reunion Studios in Washington, D.C. In 2019 I left the telecommunications industry after 25 years to pursue art full-time.

I remain fascinated by the human face and figure, which I believe are the most difficult things to render artistically with both accuracy and poetry.  In recent years, however, I have also become fascinated with the textural and sculptural possibilities of paint as a medium, and enjoy incorporating those textures and depths into both my figurative paintings as well as pure abstract explorations in color.

I can be reached by e-mail at FManc8530@aol.com or 571-294-7810.


Frank Mancino – Curriculum Vitae:


  • “Let’s Dance” group exhibition, invited artist, Kentlands Mansion, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, 2020
  • All Eco Design Center, displaying artist, 2019-present
  • Monthly exhibitions at Wheaton Arts Parade Gallery, Wheaton, Maryland, 2019 – present
  • Wheaton Arts Parade, participating artist, 2019
  • Artomatic, Crystal City, Virginia, 2017
  • Artomatic, New Carrollton, Maryland, 2015
  • Capitol Arts Network, Focus on the Figure show at Artists and Makers Studios, Rockville, Maryland, 2013
  • Artomatic, Crystal City, Virginia, 2012
  • Swarthmore Theatre (solo show), Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 2009
  • My Space on 7th, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, D.C., 2009
  • Artomatic, Washington, D.C., 2009
  • Artomatic, Washington, D.C., 2008
  • Artomatic, Crystal City, Virginia, 2007
  • Artomatic, Washington, D.C., 2004
  • Art on the Side, Washington, D.C. 2002


  • Member, Montgomery Arts Association, Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Member Artist, Wheaton Arts Parade Gallery, Wheaton, Maryland
  • Affiliate Artist, Artists and Makers Studios, Rockville, Maryland


  • Academic drawing and painting instruction under Natasha Mokina and Victor Pohamkin at Winter Palace Studios, Washington, D.C., 2009-2016
  • Sculpture instruction under Patrick Beldio at Reunion Studios, Washington, D.C., 2009
  • A. in Fine Arts, Northern Virginia Community College, 2009
  • Certificate, Drawing and Painting, Corcoran School of Art and Design, 2009
  • D., George Washington University, National Law Center, 1991
  • A., Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication, Legal Studies, Economics, and Government), American University, 1988

Patricia de Poel Wilberg A&M1

Having traveled extensively, Patricia works in glass, mixed media, and sculpture who skillfully incorporates hand drawn elements into her work.

School of Art at the Cooper Union
University of Southern Maine
High School of Art and Design, NY, NY

Patricia de Poel Wilberg

Cecelia Laurendeau A&M1

At an early age I began to go beyond coloring and ventured into drawing and painting. The moment I uncapped my first tube of oil paint and squeezed out that brilliant buttery hue, I knew I was on a journey of artistic discovery. This natural ability was nurtured by my loving talented parents. They were not only lovers of art, music and the beauty of life, but were artists in their own right.  My Mom a soprano singer, fiber artist and poet, my Dad a builder, stained glass artist and photographer. It was not long before I would put a camera to my eye.

Real life images. The story that nature tells in the stillness of the landscape, the greatness of the ocean and the journey of the seasons. This is what excites my senses as an artist and my photographer’s eye at home and in my travels. Creating compositions in oils and pastels, my inspiration is drawn from my photographs. The creative process for me is re-visiting that place and moment in time. Remembering and feeling the emotion of the scene my lens captured and bringing it to life as a painting to be experienced and shared in a new way.

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”. . . Edgar Degas


Anita L. Albertson A&M1

What is Art?  To me, art captures something essential about life.

Art makes life bearable. It isn’t a luxury. Like our capacity for understanding, and our experience of love, it is a vitally important part of life.
–Gillian Pederson Krag

How does one share the charm and communicate the wonder of living, breathing and being? By using color, pattern, light, texture, style, angles, laughter, beauty, nature, industry, rigor, challenge, and words; then one weaves in the rainbow of emotions and experiences– all of which shine light on the magic and the drudgery of being.

To this point I have played with self-expression and aimed toward connective conversations in the margins of my life and the privacy and intimacy of my own home.  I am largely untrained, although I have had the benefit of some recent classes with some amazing and gifted artists.

Life has stages.  I have supported my children to grow and be and do and supported my husband as he has accomplished and achieved and is recognized for his talents.  I have weathered the declines and deaths of my grandmother, mother-in-law and parents.  These have been both difficult and amazing endeavors — greatly enriching my world and theirs.   Connecting me with all that has been, all that is now, and all that will continue after I cease to be.

Inside me is a calling to express, create, play.  I need to sit, think, write and design, uninterrupted and untethered.   Connecting with others on that path.  Sharing what is in me/what I can with those I know and with people I don’t know yet.  Growing.  Being.  Breathing.  Learning better how to express what needs to get out on paper.

I seek a community to help bridge my untrained enthusiasm into something more – at first for myself, but after a period of time, for and with others.

Working with a combination of mixed media – paper, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, pastels, fabric, yarn, pens and markers – I want explore the emotions and experiences of life.  My intention to start is to learn more about the craft of art by being in community with artists and pair my creations with poems, short stories or prose.

Eventually I would like to share these tools of self-expression with a wider range of children and adults in a relaxed, spontaneous way including those in marginalized communities seeking self-expression and through it, compassionate understanding.


Linda Cohen (In Memoriam 2018)

Linda was a treasured member of the A&M family. Her dedication to, and love of her practice, lives on in our hearts.

“I love the creative process of art which has always been a part of my life.  For many years,  I made silver jewelry with an interest in the texture and form of my pieces. About ten years ago I took up plein air painting – there is something so peaceful being outside and painting the moment. I am especially drawn to the elements of water and reflections.  I have taken plein air painting classes with both Glen Kessler, founder of Compass Atelier and Gavin Glakas, with Yellow Barn.  I have been taking portrait and figure painting with Gavin for the last 6 years which has proved especially challenging and rewarding.”

Sue Fierston, Affiliate

I like to work in series and I’m in the midst of white-line woodcuts based on Yosemite National Park, where I’ll have my second arts residency in August 2017.

In painting, it’s an endless, fascinating puzzle to capture the effects of light on a microscope or a flower. Italian Wooden Microscope, seen here, is a watercolor from my solo show of historical microscope paintings on Yupo, a plastic surface, at the National Museum of Health and Medicine. 

My aim was to contrast the precise shapes of the microscope (all those circles) with the unpredictable flow of watercolor on plastic.

As a printmaker, I make images with woodblocks and with a walking press. I also make direct and indirect prints on paper from natural items, such as fish and leaves. I’m a member of the international Nature Printing Society and I’ll be teaching nature printing out of my studio here at Artists & Makers Studios.  




John Dennis Murphey A&M1

Hi!  I’m John Dennis Murphey.  And yes, I’ve started using my middle name, Dennis.  There are just too many other rascals out there with the same moniker.  Note too, there’s an “e” in Murphey, which hopefully will further cement my identity!

Since 2000, I’ve had my own architectural practice called Meditch Murphey Architects.  So when I’m not architecting at my architectural office you can find me working away at my studio at Artists and Makers 2. 

My studio work is focused on the visual arts where I employ a variety of media – watercolor, acrylic, oil, pen, ink and graphite.   At the center of my work is my fascination with light and space, something I’ve also pursued in photography.

Recently I’ve taken photo workshops with Ira Block, Alex Webb, David Allen Harvey, Norman Mauskopf and others at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop.  This spring I will be a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, trying to capture some of this great city’s spirit!

So with these three passions of mine, I have these three websites!

MurpheyMarks plays host to my mark-made images.

MurpheyWorks is all about images I’ve pulled through a lens.

Meditch Murphey Architects is a gallery of some of the projects I’ve helped design.




Marian Osher A&M1

Marian Osher had double vision until she had an eye operation at the age of four. With “new eyes” she delighted in a world of vision where she could see the single shapes of all things. And then she began to draw.

“That was probably the beginning of becoming an artist. Processing and transforming what I see, and sharing what it means to me through my art helps define who I am.”

Regardless whether her approach is figurative or borders on abstraction, Osher enjoys experimenting with printmaking, mixed-media and painting, using water-soluble environmentally friendly media. She listens to music to enhance the process of letting go that leads her to intuitive color choices. She usually works thematically on a body of artwork that provides new insights and opportunities for personal growth.

“As I continue to evolve as a person, my art is like a river running through my life, taking new directions, influenced and inspired by my life’s experiences. I feel that art has helped me to become a more spiritual person, enabling me to feel the connection that we have with each other and with all of nature.”

Career Highlights: Marian Osher is a painter, printmaker, mixed-media artist, private art instructor and art consultant. She enjoys working at her studios in Maryland and near the Delaware seashore. Fearless Flying! 2016 is her 23rd solo show. She has had 6 solo shows in New York. Her artwork has been shown in numerous group exhibitions in the U.S., as well as international shows in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, India, Italy, Moscow, and Shanghai. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and the American Cultural Center (New Delhi, India). She is included in the Green Art Guide and the Women Environmental Art Directory. Osher was featured as a Spotlight Artist by the NY Examiner in 2016. Current gallery affiliations include the Ceres Gallery (NYC), Gallery 50 Contemporary Art (DE), Blank Slate Gallery (FL) and the Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC). She studied art at GWU (MFA), University of MD (BA), and took numerous art courses at Montgomery College in MD.




Kathy Lindert, Affiliate

I’m passionate about painting, although it has only been an active part of my life for a few years.  Even when I’m away from the easel, I’m pretty much painting 24/7 in my mind.  It’s a continuous learning process that seems to come in many phases: “painting what you see” (shapes, forms); “painting what you know” (color theory, anatomy); and “understanding what you paint” (interpretation, empathy). Whether with still life or figurative paintings, I’m always seeking to portray the personalities and emotions of the characters, their connections to each other and the scene, and the layers of meaning that emerge in the overall painting.  Artistically, I love the indirect painting techniques of the Old Masters.  The process of building up the nuanced layers results in beautiful depth, subtleties, and luminosity.   Some subjects, however, call for a more playful approach, and I also enjoy the “fast” improvisational expression that comes with premier coup methods.  Whatever the language, my voice comes through the use of rich colors, and bold contrasts of light and dark.  


Valerie Duncan A&M1

I am a photographer who has always felt the desire to paint.  

My passion for painting and picture-making stems from my love of people.

Compassion for others is what compels my desire to create.

I can’t resist designing events for people that are near and dear to me, preparing delicious food and presenting it in a beautiful way.

Cooking in restaurants only temporarily mollified my affinity for others.

I believe that all of these mediums of creating come from the same place;  my desire and need to understand and nurture people.

I have always been captivated by the human condition.

Empathy for others and attempting to understand what makes us individuals is what compels my creative spirit.


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