Ann Corbett A&M1

I make art to discover the joy that is within.  All the elements of nature’s patterns and beauty are ours to discover and celebrate.

As an explorer, I open myself to the discoveries of paint and canvas. In that realm is an opportunity to find what lies under the surface of daily consciousness. I begin with loosely applied marks applied in an intuitive manner. Building upon this with spontaneous/loose gesture, I respond with variations of shape, color, texture to create abstraction related to emotion and feeling.

As colors and shapes emerge – some more dramatic and lyrical than others – negative shapes are defined; some areas recede while some blend; and the whole emerges as a simple, all-in-a-moment (gestalt) experience. 

These new mark-and-shape relationships can suggest leaves, lozenges, triangles, ovals, dots, waves and other reminders of the natural world’s geometry, patterning and beauty.

My process varies slightly in the two different media – whether distilling down to essentials as seen in making the large acrylic abstractions or accumulating and layering through the cold wax and oil works. 

Ann Corbett has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and Design.  Her gestural mark-making and interest in texture has evolved through various post-graduate painting workshops.

Her paintings include organic shapes in bold colors as well as a form of personal geometry that highlights her joy in nature’s creation.

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