Michael B. Mason A&M AZ

My work is largely informed by my many years of wilderness exploration and wandering through the open spaces of the western United States. I have loved the outdoors since I was a child, always fascinated by the natural environment, and eager to see what could be found beyond the immediate horizon.

Memories from my time outdoors often provide a starting point for my work. Through the addition of “what if” ideation, i attempt to reinterpret an element of the landscape or an environmental system, giving it prominence and new meaning. 

This approach to art making appeals to me because it provides an opportunity to coalesce the beauty of the natural world with that which can only be imagined, satisfying a need to create an alternate view beyond what is immediately apparent.

Michael B. Mason

Prancing Llama Emporium A&M AZ

It all started with a culture of artisan work brought down by generations. My fondest memories are of my family working with their hands as knitters, dressmakers, leatherworkers, bakers, cheesemongers and moonshiners. These humble beginnings gave me the foundation to provide high quality, beautiful items with a culture of service. We welcome you to a unique blend of carefully curated products that encourage and enhance your atmosphere.  

Our waxes, butters and oils are sourced from locations that are sustainably conscious. Specifically our candle wax blends and fragrance oils are vegan, gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, and phthalate free.  Prancing Llama Emporium Candles are hand-poured in small batches and slowly cured. Our Coconut Soy blend and Coconut Apricot candle wax is long lasting and burns clean with minimum smoking and sooting. 

Prancing Llama Emporium candle vessels are statement pieces that can be repurposed throughout your home. We guarantee product satisfaction and value feedback!

Our crystal and mineral collection is locally curated from the World’s Largest Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona. We deal directly with international vendors to bring you the highest quality.

We also partner with Studio Oh! Gift & Stationary to bring you limited edition accessories. 

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or contact us directly at info@prancingllamaemporium.com.

Prancing Llama Emporium

Exhibits in the Galleries – DEC 2020, JAN 2021

Artists & Makers Studios – Oro Valley, AZ
Bold Color in the Galleries

(Oro Valley, AZ) – Artists & Makers Studios in Oro Valley is pleased to announce new gallery exhibitions featuring local artists Dennis Wunsch and Javi Valenzuela, on display through January 31st, 2021. Dennis Wunsch’s canvases, shown in the Main Gallery, present delightfully intricate large-scale paintings full of color and nuance. Wuncsh is a well-established artist and illustrator with a successful career in the arts. Javi Valenzuela’s work, shown in the Gallery Hall, portrays a world of color and symbolism based on his family’s life and heritage in Sonora, Mexico. A self-taught and prolific painter, this exhibit marks the first gallery showing of Valenzuela’s collective paintings. Both artists present a unique vision of their life experience in vibrant, beautiful details. The galleries are open 12-6 pm, Friday – Saturday – Sunday, or by appointment.

Office Hours
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
Artists & Makers Studios – Oro Valley
Steam Pump Village
11061 North Oracle Road, Suite 150
Oro Valley, AZ 85373

Plan to visit and see the galleries, and the studios as the last few fill. Currently masks firmly covering nose and mouth, and social distancing are required.

Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive in Rockville, Maryland, established in October 2014 by artist and arts community builder Judith HeartSong, is a 13,000 sq. ft. facility is home to 66 resident artists. Artists & Makers Studios – Oro Valley is a brand new jewel box location with 3,575 sq. ft. of studios, galleries, and flex-classroom space. A&M Studios is dedicated to providing a supportive and vibrant environment for artists to realize their creative goals – through studio practice, collaboration, education, opportunities, networking and connecting with the community beyond our doors.


PressRelease – Dec 2020 – January 31, 2021

Elaine Boucher Burch Taylor, Affiliate


B.A. in Fine Art, Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts

B.S.C.S. in Computer Science, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Study Art at Boston University, Harvard University, Montgomery College, Corcoran School of Art and The Compass Atelier

Career as a Software Engineer at NIH, National Cancer Institute

Exhibitions and Gallery Associations

Washington International Art Fair II, III, IV and V

Art Fair Gallery, North Potomac MD

Paul Rosen Graphics, Washington DC

Tidewater Artists’ Association, Norfolk VA

Montgomery County Artists’ Association, MD

United States Information Agency, Central America

Spectrum Gallery, Washington, DC

Gallery Grace, Menlo Park, CA

New York Expo, New York, NY

Art Expo West, Los Angeles, CA

Art Works, Alexandria, VA

Klevit Fine Art, Rockville, MD

Tideline Gallery, Rehoboth, DE

Strathmore Hall Foundation, Member, North Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Membership Juried Show 2007, Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Hall 25thYear Celebration Juried Show, Bethesda, MD

National Institutes of Health 2009 Juried Show, Bethesda, MD

Orchard Gallery, Group Show December 2010, Bethesda, MD

Orchard Gallery, Solo Show February 2011, Bethesda, MD

Strathmore Membership Juried Show 2012, Bethesda, MD

Resident Artist, Washington Art Works, 2015, Rockville, MD

Resident Artist, Artists and Makers II, 2016-2019, Rockville, MD

Resident Artist Group Show, Artists and Makers II, 2019, Rockville, MD

Affiliate Artist, Artists and Makers Studios, 2020-Current, Rockville, MD


Painting published by the United Nations for UNICEF card design; distribution started in 1983.


Various media and subject matter explored over the years.


Elody Crimi, Affiliate

Elody Crimi is an alumni graduate of the Washington School of Photography and is an accomplished commercial and fine arts photographer, specializing in landscape and portrait photography.  She is also a photography instructor, teaching a vast range of classes (currently via Zoom) including: PS Elements for the Painter (through the Compass Atelier), PS Elements for the Photographer and Smartphone Photography (through Washington Photo Safari), and DSLR Basics. 

Her greatest passion is to experiment with raw images, using alternative processes and techniques to assure that the “emotion of the moment” has been captured. Currently, most of her work is creatively altered using various Photoshop techniques.



Stacy Claywell A&M1

fun facts

Stacy was formally trained and has her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

While in college, she of course, had great aspirations and dreamed of doing it all;

paint in France, fashion design in NY, create jewelry in Spain. But as fate would have it, she got caught up in the fast-paced world of advertising. Think redhead meets Mad Men.

Her career took her from South Beach to Madison Avenue. Having worked at some of the worlds top ad agencies & boutique design firms, Stacy has created and produced award-winning work in both the consumer and business space. She is a creative visionary with years of experience in strategy, brand-building, print, advertising, television, product launches and all things digital.

She desperately needed to break out from “behind that large box” (aka iMac) where she spends most of her time .

Picking up the brush again, exploring oils, acrylics and mixed media has allowed her to express herself beyond

the corporate limitations.

And as she always says…The Best is Yet to Come…

You can contact Stacy at thatdesigngirl@icloud.com



Stacy Claywell / artist & creative guru

Inspired by the sounds and colors of living and working in NYC, Miami and coastal Georgia.

Life experiences are expressed throughout

my work creating a mix of vibrant color as well as a subdued palette. You will find hints of music and dance and a little bit of sparkle throughout my abstractions. I love to make marks on paper, canvas and wood and I am currently working in oils and cold wax.

Stacy now resides in the DC area.

Rhea Reeves Stein, Affiliate


Virginia based mixed media sculptural painter, Rhea Reeves, started as a stone and wood sculptor in her undergraduate studies at Columbus College of Art and Design. Rhea was restricted to lighter materials while recovering from severe head and neck injuries in 2000. She was instantly inspired to work with textiles after seeing the work of Magdalina Abokanowitz. Rhea started exploring quilting materials (thread, cotton-batting, fabric swatches, wire, rafia, organza, and paint) and the combining of fragile fibers to create strong forms. She related the textile materials to the human body with her thesis show, Body in Question.

Rhea’s works are an expression of the human body, how it flows and heals, both physically, energetically, and emotionally. Her art is created within both controlled and spontaneous application processes. Reeves is inspired by trees, the psychology of color,the concept of connection, and how music can affect an artist’s movements.

Her first body of work Pursuit of Love (shown in TN) was her exploration of meditation, music and the intuitive process of what she created when holding the feeling state of LOVE. Her second body of work Surfaces (shown in KY and IN) is her expression of the fleeting aspects of our world and life experiences. Rhea’s Essence Portraits are unique works that capture a person’s nature through line, shape, and color. She interviews each subject and then creates an expression of that person from her interview.

Rhea is passionate about creating works that move people’s imaginations to explore how they respond to these new environments she has created. She is currently working on new, larger scale and assemblage type works in her studio in Vienna.

Emely McConkey A&M AZ

Born and raised until the age of six in Matanzas, Cuba, I recall magical moments of sunlight filtering through leafy canopies, and interesting shadows dancing on glowing building facades. The bright, early morning white light of the tropics sifting through brilliant jewel tones of dense foliage and flowers are images carried in my mind forever! Looking back it seems even then my childhood art involved light and nature. These have resonated deep in my spirit since I can remember.

This early bond I developed with the land has been the main inspiration in life for me. After high school I set aside art to complete a MS in Horticulture and Landscape Design and worked in these professions for over 25 years. This was a perfect pairing of creativity with a love of nature.

I began to paint in 1996 with watercolor, then pastels and eventually migrated to oils. Still now, what beckons me to paint is nature and how the light can transform the ordinary into a scene of exquisite beauty. Whichever I choose- landscape, animals or buildings- need to be gilded by light, and that along with the early memories of color from Cuba come into play in creating my work.

Societies: Juried member Pastel Society of America, Sonoran Plein Air Painters Society, Tucson Pastel Society, Artist member American Impressionists Society

Artists Sunday – November 29th, 2020

Artists & Makers Studios has partnered with #ArtistsSunday, a national movement to encourage consumers to #ShopArt the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and give artist-created gifts this holiday season. It’s like Black Friday or Small Business Saturday – but ESPECIALLY for art and handmade. Join us in supporting our local artists and shop for art the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

For artists and makers alike! Artists in all mediums are invited to join Artists Sunday, a national promotion and event encouraging consumers to shop with artists and craftspeople. Join this free nationwide marketing campaign here: https://artistssunday.com/artists/ 

Support our local artists this holidays and shop art on November 29 – Artists Sunday – the Sunday after Thanksgiving! Give unique, artist-created gifts this year. Find your favorite artists and discover new craftspeople here: 

Meet our Resident Artists – from Metro DC and Oro Valley/Tucson, AZ! See more here.

Artists Sunday Artists from across the country here.

Joe Reyes, Affiliate

Joe Reyes has been making art for decades and has extensive experience in drawing and painting with a variety of mediums. His area of interest is abstract painting. He creates abstract paintings of various size in the style of abstract expressionism. Some of the mediums he uses for the paintings are acrylic, charcoal, ink, marker, pencil, graphite, watercolor, and many other mediums. His paintings range in larger sizes (10ft) to smaller; of about 10 inches and sometimes doesn’t use just canvas but other surfaces like high quality paper and other interesting types of surfaces. When painting he uses acrylic more times than others however mixed media artworks are also prevalent in his work.






Amy Soldin – AR Jewelry Studio A&M AZ

Who Am I
Amy Rose, Designer of Beautiful Art Jewelry

My interest in creative design started at an early age with stitching, embroidery, and creating loop rugs with my own patterns to display. Sketching with charcoal and pastels was also a big part of my life. Not realizing it then, creating art with my hands would be my passion. Prior to becoming a jewelry artist, I worked in the technology field designing microchips. The intricate structures, restrictive spacing rules, and precise processes used to fabricate the patterns of a circuit on silicon enticed me to apply these skills in a more hands-on way to benefit me personally. The strong desire to express myself creatively was visible through my love of drawing and creating art with my hands. In discovering the art of metalsmithing, defined as the art of forming and fabricating metal into jewelry, that was the turning point and I was hooked!

The movement of metal under the process of forging gives it texture as it evolves which is very satisfying to me; as is researching and educating myself on various stones, examining their shapes and colors, then creating an original design that best compliments that stone. Working with texture is enjoyable and rewarding.  The rhythm, movement, and harmony are everywhere and bring a uniqueness beauty to my jewelry designs.  The handmade process is intriguing, and often what I draw on paper never looks like the finished piece.  It’s a mind-boggling mystery at times.  Each unique piece is distinctively styled and handcrafted by me.  When the recipient of my art jewelry wears their piece, I take pride in knowing they find meaning in that piece.  Some of my designs have stories that have inspired me based on an event or a place visited that I may have shared with someone. 

                                        My joy now is in sharing my art jewelry with you.

AR Jewelry Studio

Get your Gear! Our A&M shops

Are you interested in showing your support for Artists & Makers Studios? Do you need a pencil case, a tote bag, or a new sweatshirt/t-shirt, or a doggie sweater for your favorite furry friends? Our shops for Arizona and Maryland bring you a wide variety quality print on demand merchandise that we are offering at cost – to spread the word about this studio program that is like no other!

Artists & Makers Studios – Arizona

Artists & Makers Studios – Maryland

Get your GEAR! Our A&M shops

Are you interested in showing your support for Artists & Makers Studios? Do you need a pencil case, a tote bag, or a new sweatshirt/t-shirt, or a doggie sweater for your favorite furry friends? Our shops for Maryland and Arizona bring you a wide variety quality print on demand merchandise that we are offering at cost – to spread the word about this studio program that is like no other!

Artists & Makers Studios – Maryland
Artists & Makers Studios – Arizona

OPEN NOW! The jewel box Oro Valley Project!

We are thrilled to finally be able to announce our BIG NEWS!

We have finished build-out of our first Arizona location for Artists & Makers Studios, and we are filling studios now.

We are opening a gorgeous jewel box location in Oro Valley, AZ – in Steam Pump Village – approximately eight miles north of Tucson. We have been working with a marvelous developer, all newly constructed space. 12 studios, a gallery, on-site management and a wealth of opportunities to grow artistic careers.

To announce this news, in the 5th anniversary year of our flagship location, is exciting. There will be opportunities for studio swaps and who knows what other exciting adventures between locations, and our artist populations will be able to interact with one another.

We have been working on this project for more than a year and a half now behind the scenes, and we are thrilled to see it coming to fruition. With thanks to our supportive partnership, and our wonderful development team – who have gone the extra mile to make this work.


Come to see our new A&M location in Arizona and tour Fri-Sat-Sun, 12-6.

Studio Floorplan  – look for your dream studio now, and paperwork is at the links below for when jurying is complete & you have chosen your studio
Letter of Intent – Oro Valley
Application – Oro Valley
Emergency Contact Form – Oro Valley
New Artist Letter – Oro Valley

We are open for business and cannot wait to meet you!

Tommie Lorene Arizona Daily Star

We are thrilled to be offering tours of our brand new jewel box location in Oro Valley, Arizona! With build-out just completed this week our permanent signage is going up shortly on the building and on monument signage on North Oracle Road.

Our custom-built studios in a perfect, centralized location with an abundance of free parking are built out to our specifications, and we look forward to bringing our award winning programming and educational components to Arizona. With a strong focus on professional development and career enhancement through our proven outreach and networking capabilities, we help emerging, mid and late-career artists grow their business acumen, professional skills, and collector base as we do what we do best – build community!

Come and see us 12-6, Friday-Saturday-Sunday for your tour. Bring a friend, or a group of artist friends to tour a large studio to share. Studios feature high ceilings, large windows, great ventilation, and more to center your studio practice.
Come and pick out your favorite to get your name in for jurying before they are all gone!

Kristine Brockel A&M AZ

Artist Statement

I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember… From painting rocks as a child, throwing pots in high school, to learning about “paints” in my professional years, one way or another, I’ve kept the “creative” in my life.

I spent 25 plus years owning my own painting company specializing in color consultations and interior paint jobs. I learned about colors… I learned about paints… I learned about techniques!

In my 40’s I decided I didn’t want to retire on a ladder, so I took my art, painting experiences, and technical skills to college and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. I had an amazing career in the design field, and it fueled my artistic fire to want to start creating my art again. I’ve noticed that my work has come full circle, encompassing all of my experiences.

I work hard to develop paintings and pots that speak to me and to others about colors and textures. As I build the layers, the work takes on a life of its own.

I’m ready!

Juried Show Exhibition


Deborah Brisker Burk, Affiliate

I have been creating artwork since childhood. From a young age, I was fortunate to have been exposed to the great museums of the National Gallery in DC and to have been born into a family of musicians, dancers and writers. Over time my work has evolved from an impressionistic view of the world to an abstract practice.

In creating abstract artwork of the land, sea, sky, and figure, my intuition regarding the color, texture and shape serves as my guide. As an observer of the world around me, I strive to bring an interpretive eye to my work, based on memories, mediations and travel. Action painting, being in the flow of the here and now—a moment of time is how I am able to distill the imagery from the recesses of my psyche. Beyond that, I aim to connect to the culture and people through my work— to uplift and bring a place of serenity and inquiry to the viewer.

www.deborahbriskerburk.com debbybriskerburk@instagram.com
debby@artvistas.com  mobile: 240-432-0004


SUMMER Virtually 2020

JULY VIRTUAL 2020 EXHIBIT for BADC – “Still We Rise”

Artists & Makers Studios Parklawn will share our July Black Artists of DC exhibit virtually on FaceBook due to COVID-19, and we await public health guidance regarding our exhibit schedule for the rest of this calendar year.

The art center is currently closed to the public to protect the artists. Visit our Facebook page to see artist profiles, and check out their websites to shop with them right now from home! Help support the creative economy.

Artists & Makers Studios 1
11810 Parklawn Drive, Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20852

Learn From Home!

Announcing our first virtual class…

With in-person art classes out of bounds for the next few months, we are launching ‘Painting Through The ZOOM Lens’ starting April 10th. 

Painting Through The ZOOM Lens

Through the online platform Zoom, we can again have scheduled weekly painting time with instruction, critique, and camaraderie. Glen will run classes on Friday mornings and afternoons this Spring at a discounted rate to the normal in-class experience.

Fridays, April 10-May 29  10am-1pm
Fridays, April 10-May 29  1:30-4:30pm

Learn more here:
The Compass Atelier

Teaching Artists

COMING SOON! The Oro Valley location will host gallery space than can flex for small classes and workshops. If you are a teaching artist looking for a new place to bring people together for hands-on workshops, consider renting a studio, or inquire about holding classes and workshops at A&M Oro Valley as an independent contractor. We will list your classes and workshops on our site, directing students to a link on your artist site where they can register and get a supply list. You will only pay a classroom fee for use of the flex space.

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