Resident Artists & Affiliates – AZ

Carolyn Kay A&M AZ

Carolyn Kay is returning to studio practice by reintroducing early works involving themes of monetary systems and gaming. Her playful and sardonic drawings, photography, and

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Don Zavis & Sean Smiley, A&M AZ

Burgeoning Art Brokerage and Sales Coaching We are a national sales training, international keynote speaking and award-winning sales coaching organization for the Financial Services, Retail,

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Gary Corbett A&M AZ

Gary is a photographer and auctioneer. Here is a snippet of an interview by SHOUTOUT COLORADO We live in an age of acrimony, fed by

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Jay Jacobs, Affiliate AZ

Although Jay’s propensity for drawing and painting was evident at an early age, it remained largely dormant until later in life. Jay Jacobs grew up

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Shavana Smiley A&M AZ

Shavana Smiley lives and works in Brooklyn, NY born Tucson, AZ 1992 Exhibitions 2021 Sexy Sex, Gallery Perchee, (Virtual) Talisman, Monica King Projects

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