Resident Artists & Affiliates – AZ

Ana Lilia Zazueta A&M AZ

I started discovering my talents early in life through music and photography. Through my recreational photography I captured the beauty of places, people, and nature.

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Jay Jacobs, Affiliate AZ

Although Jay’s propensity for drawing and painting was evident at an early age, it remained largely dormant until later in life. Jay Jacobs grew up

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Kristine Brockel A&M AZ

Artist Statement I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember… From painting rocks as a child, throwing pots in high school, to learning about

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Patty Sjolin A&M AZ

My name is Patty Sjolin. Sjolin is Swedish and pronounced show Leen. I work in colorful vibrant acrylic paint. I love movement in my paintings

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