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Rosalind, or Joy to many, has always been an enthusiast of design-related art, mainly architecture, interior design, graphic design, packaging, and other commercial art, even as a child. As a 6-year old, she created her own envelopes using magazine ads and made her own stickers and stationery set.  She worked tirelessly on her school posters, making sure they grabbed attention. In high school, she enjoyed creating stencils by hand for a t-shirt project. She found the packaging art and materials interesting and was fascinated with structures that had a uniquely impressive interior or exterior.

While working as a designer and later as an art director at a print and packaging company in California, Rosalind was able to lead several design projects and develop websites for notable local companies. In 2010, she (with her husband Manuel) founded Bezaworx LLC, a graphic design company that assists small businesses and organizations with their branding, printing, and marketing needs. A few years later, two other services were added – garment decoration and promotional products distribution, both born out of several requests from friends and clients.

Rosalind has extensive experience in print design and marketing in a deadline-driven and budget-conscious setting. She loves the creative and problem-solving nature involved in the fast-paced branding and promotional industry. There’s gratification in being able to produce or provide the client’s items in a timely manner and in the most affordable way.

Rosalind holds a B.S. Degree in Architecture from Saint Louis University, Philippines. She remembers being totally immersed in Industrial/Graphic Design, one of the subjects covered in the course wherein she had to design toys, packages, and brochures from scratch by hand without any digital files. After graduating and passing the board exam, she worked as a drafter and junior architect for a few short years in Baguio City, her hometown. She feels blessed that she was able to raise and stay with her 2 boys, now teenagers, while slowly building her small business.

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