Marty Plevel A&M AZ

Marty Plevel – Visual Artist,  Rug Painter and Feng Shui Practitioner

Painting, drawing and other art forms have become a passion; a way for me to be transformed, to express myself, to feel productive, and to keep my creative juices flowing. Most importantly, it feels good to do it – my way. It is more than what meets the eye.

While most of my visual art work is in watercolor, most notably my “Garage Series”, I also paint other subjects and do rub-out oil painting and pencil portraits. I paint rugs for homes and offices, teach rug painting to adults, and most recently have been making earrings with re-purposed materials. Additionally I have been a certified feng shui practitioner since 2001.

After retiring from teaching I have had time and energy to pursue my fine art interests. I also became a certified Feng Shui practitioner to facilitate improvement in the quality and harmony in the lives of others. I use this knowledge to keep working on my own quality of life. Life is good.

Nancy Bautzmann A&M AZ

Nancy Bautzmann, O.P.A.
Signature member of Oil Painters of America

I teach drawing, watercolor and oil painting.

Nancy Bautzmann is considered one of the premier oil painters in Southern Arizona and had shown her work for many years at the prestigious El Presidio Art Gallery in Tucson AZ as well as the Silver Hat Gallery in Tubac Az. In addition, her work has been on display in multiple galleries throughout the country including New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Indianapolis, Phoenix AZ, and Carmel CA. She has taught art since 1988.

Nancy’s extreme realism oil renderings are the result of her unique technique, which combines reflections and contrasts to create a 3-dimensional effect so real one feels they can reach out and touch the objects in the painting. Her subject matter varies from the exquisite desert flora and landscapes of Southern Arizona to precise still life renderings of objects.

Rebekah Vermeulen, Affiliate AZ

Art has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, the act of creating held both an at-home feeling and an out-of-this-world feeling that wholly captivated me. And that captivation never faded. However, I didn’t have a serious passion for drawing or painting until after I had been diagnosed at eighteen years old with an autoimmune disease. It was during the following years while my health slowly improved that I began drawing simply as a means to occupy myself. But over time, I started to realize that I had a growing passion and desire to pursue art full-time.

In the spring of 2022, I graduated from the Milan Art Institute’s Mastery Program. My work is often a mixture of mediums and techniques, subjects and themes, but always rooted in what I find beautiful and what my heart leaps at. I’m deeply inspired by nature and everyday miracles and strive to always be intentional about looking for the beauty within the ordinary.




Rosalind A. Manahan – Bezaworx A&M AZ

Rosalind, or Joy to many, has always been an enthusiast of design-related art, mainly architecture, interior design, graphic design, packaging, and other commercial art, even as a child. As a 6-year old, she created her own envelopes using magazine ads and made her own stickers and stationery set.  She worked tirelessly on her school posters, making sure they grabbed attention. In high school, she enjoyed creating stencils by hand for a t-shirt project. She found the packaging art and materials interesting and was fascinated with structures that had a uniquely impressive interior or exterior.

While working as a designer and later as an art director at a print and packaging company in California, Rosalind was able to lead several design projects and develop websites for notable local companies. In 2010, she (with her husband Manuel) founded Bezaworx LLC, a graphic design company that assists small businesses and organizations with their branding, printing, and marketing needs. A few years later, two other services were added – garment decoration and promotional products distribution, both born out of several requests from friends and clients.

Rosalind has extensive experience in print design and marketing in a deadline-driven and budget-conscious setting. She loves the creative and problem-solving nature involved in the fast-paced branding and promotional industry. There’s gratification in being able to produce or provide the client’s items in a timely manner and in the most affordable way.

Rosalind holds a B.S. Degree in Architecture from Saint Louis University, Philippines. She remembers being totally immersed in Industrial/Graphic Design, one of the subjects covered in the course wherein she had to design toys, packages, and brochures from scratch by hand without any digital files. After graduating and passing the board exam, she worked as a drafter and junior architect for a few short years in Baguio City, her hometown. She feels blessed that she was able to raise and stay with her 2 boys, now teenagers, while slowly building her small business.

Our website is:
IG: @bezaworx

Jay Jacobs, Affiliate AZ

Although Jay’s propensity for drawing and painting was evident at an early age, it remained largely dormant until later in life. Jay Jacobs grew up in Newark and later, Maplewood, New Jersey in the 1950s and 1960s.His parents recognized his promising art ability and enrolled him in art classes at the Newark Arts School. His first painting made in 1963 still hangs in his mother’s residence.

As a teenager, athletics and academics took precedence over art. In fact, Jay’s interest in creating art was limited for the next four decades. During that time, he obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1972 followed by a Medical Degree in 1978. Jay became board-certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. In 1983, he and his wife, Debbie, moved to Mesa, Arizona to begin a 35-year Cardiology career. During that time, they raised two daughters. His art talent surfaced occasionally in school and family projects.

Prior to retirement, Jay’s fascination with drawing and painting was reignited, and he began taking classes and workshops in various mediums and styles. Once he was fully retired, he immersed himself in art. He read extensively, studied and experimented with various art forms and styles. He attended art classes and even enrolled in online art history courses.

Having grown up in the New York metropolitan area, Jacobs was intrigued and influenced by the art and lifestyle of the abstract expressionist of the New York School. He particularly related to the free-flowing drip paintings of Jackson Pollock. The work of these expressionists inspired Jacobs and contributed profoundly on the development of his artistic voice.

With the assistance of his mentor, Marianne Mitchell an established artist and instructor, Jacobs transformed from representation abstraction to his current free-flowing style. Jacobs’ cardiology experience which encompassed the pressure of making continual life-and-death decisions reduced the fear of failure anxiety faced by many artists. Jacobs’ philosophy is “mistakes” may not be mistakes but his sub-conscious at work. Sometimes, mistakes become the central focus of a piece. However, Jay remains undeterred and unafraid to attempt a variety of palettes and techniques. While creating, Jacobs discovered a technique using rubber bands that mimics the effect that Pollock obtained by dripping his paints.

As a self-proclaimed introvert, Jay allows his art to express his “inner self”. He states, “Paintings are visual lyrical expression of thoughts expressions that I find difficult to express with word”. Marianne Mitchell believe he has an intuitiveness that reflects his sub-conscious and enhances his style. Jacobs approaches each painting without the knowledge of the final composition. He selects colors and applies random marks while employing subconscious thoughts, emotions and previous experiences.

With the use of lines, shapes, colors, layering and textures, he creates a visual lyrical composition. Jay wants the viewer’s eyes to flow freely around the canvas. The results enable one to discover something new with each viewing. The painting is complete when it demonstrates a visual lyrical interpretation of his “inner vibes”.

Currently represented by Arredon Art Gallery in San Diego. Jay had a successful one-man show in March 2022. His artwork is now displayed in over 20 private collections.

Are you that collector? Jacobs realizes that abstract expressionism is not for everyone. His art is searching for the special collector who appreciates the beauty and complexity represented in his visual free-flowing lyrical compositions.

Patty Sjolin A&M AZ

My name is Patty Sjolin. Sjolin is Swedish and pronounced show Leen. I work in colorful vibrant acrylic paint. I love movement in my paintings with a touch of whimsy. My main creative influence was Walt Disney. I grew up on the old Disney animated movies and knew I would work there one day. Although I never got to work at Disney, I did get to work for Lisa Frank here in Tucson back in the 90’s. Some of my characters I developed have been seen around the world!

I am very excited to be accepted into the Oro Valley Artists & Makers Studios residency program!

I have done a lot of public artwork in Arizona and Texas and private commissions. Looking forward to being a part of this great team of artists!

Patty Sjolin

Stacey McClure – CicadaGoods A&M AZ

Home is the smell of morning coffee. Slow mornings. Springs spent playing in the dirt, orange blossoms, the sound of bees, fresh cut grass, the winds shift, summer storms, creosote, wet earth, fall nights around a campfire of mesquite, warm spiced cider to warm your mitts, winter arrives, sugary cookies baking in the next room, warm and gooey, cinnamon, berries, mistletoe, then suddenly, a new year.  

Home is rooted in scent. 

I’ve curated a collection of scents from my memories here in the Sonoran Desert. I’ve always had a penchant for finding the things that remind me of, and all at once become, home. 

Find us and share your memories: @cicadagoods

Amy Soldin – AR Jewelry Studio A&M AZ

Who Am I
Amy Rose, Designer of Beautiful Art Jewelry

My interest in creative design started at an early age with stitching, embroidery, and creating loop rugs with my own patterns to display. Sketching with charcoal and pastels was also a big part of my life. Not realizing it then, creating art with my hands would be my passion. Prior to becoming a jewelry artist, I worked in the technology field designing microchips. The intricate structures, restrictive spacing rules, and precise processes used to fabricate the patterns of a circuit on silicon enticed me to apply these skills in a more hands-on way to benefit me personally. The strong desire to express myself creatively was visible through my love of drawing and creating art with my hands. In discovering the art of metalsmithing, defined as the art of forming and fabricating metal into jewelry, that was the turning point and I was hooked!

The movement of metal under the process of forging gives it texture as it evolves which is very satisfying to me; as is researching and educating myself on various stones, examining their shapes and colors, then creating an original design that best compliments that stone. Working with texture is enjoyable and rewarding.  The rhythm, movement, and harmony are everywhere and bring a uniqueness beauty to my jewelry designs.  The handmade process is intriguing, and often what I draw on paper never looks like the finished piece.  It’s a mind-boggling mystery at times.  Each unique piece is distinctively styled and handcrafted by me.  When the recipient of my art jewelry wears their piece, I take pride in knowing they find meaning in that piece.  Some of my designs have stories that have inspired me based on an event or a place visited that I may have shared with someone. 

                                        My joy now is in sharing my art jewelry with you.

AR Jewelry Studio

Kristine Brockel A&M AZ

Artist Statement

I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember… From painting rocks as a child, throwing pots in high school, to learning about “paints” in my professional years, one way or another, I’ve kept the “creative” in my life.

I spent 25 plus years owning my own painting company specializing in color consultations and interior paint jobs. I learned about colors… I learned about paints… I learned about techniques!

In my 40’s I decided I didn’t want to retire on a ladder, so I took my art, painting experiences, and technical skills to college and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. I had an amazing career in the design field, and it fueled my artistic fire to want to start creating my art again. I’ve noticed that my work has come full circle, encompassing all of my experiences.

I work hard to develop paintings and pots that speak to me and to others about colors and textures. As I build the layers, the work takes on a life of its own.

I’m ready!

Juried Show Exhibition


Rose O’Donnell, Affiliate AZ

I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Practice of Art then spent 30 years teaching art and music at all grade levels from pre-school to college. I worked at various private art galleries in the Sacramento, CA area, started a cooperative gallery with a group of friends and served as Gallery Director of the Ridley Gallery at Sierra College in Northern California from 1996 – 2002.

My traditional watercolors were exhibited widely in the Sacramento, CA area. However, after the death of my father in 1999, my work became much more introspective reflecting on memory and loss.  My mixed media work and prints allow me to express those feelings. I studied printmaking at Discover Graphics in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA.  I joined the Art League in Alexandria, VA in 2005 and was Director of the Art League Gallery for ten years. After retiring in 2018 I moved to Sedona, AZ where I am an exhibiting member of the Sedona Arts Center. My work has been shown at the World Bank in Washington, DC, Mattawoman Art Center, Maryland, Ellipse Gallery in Arlington, VA, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, The National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC, Washington Printmakers and the Sedona Arts Center. My mixed media work titled, Rosalie, is currently part of a traveling exhibit titled One House.

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