Patricia Zannie A&M1, Gallery 209

Patricia Zannie, an award winning collage artist and former Art instructor at the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College.  Rather than selecting either total abstraction, or the classical Western system of perspective, she combines them in the same piece of art.  While keeping some of the assumptions in the traditional approach to the illusion of space,  she will intersperse two-dimensional patterns.  She enjoys the marriage of strong design with the creative impulse.  Using snips of magazine and other papers as if they were paint, she integrates melds and blends them with ink, marker, oil pastel, watercolor and even crayons.

 In love with color since she held her first crayon, appreciating the works of Matisse, she creates “fauvist-like” mixed media imaginary landscapes.  Like Rauschenberg and Warhol, “I rebel against the esthetics of traditional ‘Western Classical’ approach to Art and include elements of Zen design as found in the Japanese design concepts that influenced Post Impressionists such as Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec.” As an intuitive artist, each artwork is an exploration of creativity, materials and techniques, and is a  mystery, until it’s completed.

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