Maralyn Alpert A&M1

I believe an artist is a kind of magician, bringing the unseen into the tangible world. With a bit of color, piece of paper, canvas, brush, pencil or scissors, there are ways to transport the viewer somewhere else. The creation is born solely in the mind, the eye, and the hands of the artist. As an artist, my goal is to capture the emotional energy of the environment surrounding us. Portraying the atmosphere and movement of a scene through color, light and shadow engages the viewer in the artistic experience itself. 

My main love is capturing the beauty of the natural world but cityscapes and man-made places also fascinate me. I enjoy working in different mediums. I use watercolors, acrylics and fiber to create my art.

Currently, I am studying oil painting in the Master Artist Program at The Compass Atelier at Artists and Makers Studios in Rockville, MD.

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