Katherine Janus Kahn A&M1

In the three decades that I have been maintaining a studio and making serious art, I have found myself doing many different things inKatherine Janus Kahn 5x10 72dpi many different media.  But as my studios have become smaller, I find that space is a powerful informer of the things artists make. 

Natural processes of development and changes in interests (themes) are the other main vehicles of change.  I am, like the proverbial caterpillar/butterfly, transforming once again.

I will be working on smaller paintings, but still on modular drawings.  I have always been a figurative artist; I will continue with the figure.  I am sometimes driven by “global politics”.    If and when I need to respond to that, I will do so.

Several years ago, I started confronting the aging process.  For my 65th birthday, I started working on a series of 65 self-portraits.  I suspect that work will be at least part of my continuing focus.

I am showing four very different images.  The first two I deem political: “Cain and Abel: The Assassination of Rabin”, from 1996, and an installation in response to 2001 called “When Mothers are Missiles and Babies are Bombs”.  The others are later portraits:  a self-portrait called:  “Katherine the Great” and a very recent drawing called “Now/Then”.

If you don’t see me working in the studio five days a week, it will be because of my other “art”,  illustrating children’s books, which I do in a home studio.  With over 50 published books, and two presently in the works, there are sometimes deadlines that keep me focused there.


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