Kate Bramante A&M1

I come from an artistic family. My mother is a retired art teacher and printmaker. My daughter is also an art teacher, as well as a jewelry artist. Wellfleet Dunes, my senior thesis show, at the University of Central Arkansas, was awarded the College of Arts and Communication’s, “Outstanding Art Exhibition of the Year.”  I have participated in group shows in the Black Box Gallery and the Baum Gallery of Fine Art at the University of Central Arkansas, as well as at the Cove Gallery in Wellfleet, MA. Born in Bridgeport, CT, I have lived in Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece and Brazil. I received a BA from Boston University and earned a BFA from the University of Central Arkansas. I currently live and work in the Washington, DC area.

I am a process-oriented artist and constant experimentation leads me to exciting discoveries. My process embodies the predominantly intuitive and responsive way that I make art. When I work, I make choices as I go based on both intuition and thoughtful consideration. I am an “accidental artist” in the sense that I am most excited by the creative challenge of responding to the visual imagery that presents itself to me. Constant experimentation leads me to exciting discoveries.

I work mostly with various media on paper (monotype and digital prints, drawing, watercolor) to create works that I cut and manipulate in an obsessive and ritualistic way. I end up with hundreds of pieces which I organize and hang on walls, creating site-specific relief installations that grow organically across space.


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