Jennifer Howard A&M1, Gallery 209

I am a painter and graphic designer who has lived and worked in Washington, DC for over 37 years. 

My paintings are about the moment, the immediacy of paint applied honestly, thickly and emotionally on canvas. I strive to convey a textural quality to the surface with layers of color and an emphasis on capturing light. I paint primarily in oil but also dabble in gouache and more recently with casein paints.

I have always loved to spend time outside and plein air painting has been a perfect match of painting in the moment and fulfilling my need to connect with nature and all its power. It gives me the space to dream and be inspired by life. My love of nature started in my childhood in the Hudson Valley and many trips to the Adirondack Mountains of NY. During COVID I started to do more studio painting where I was able to explore interpretations of nature and to paint on a larger scale.

After focusing on my graphic design career, fifteen years ago I dove back into painting and started painting in oils. I have studied painting at the Corcoran School of Art, the Yellow Barn Studio and the Art League under various artists such as Walt Bartman, Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro and Bethanne Cople. I have both exhibited and won awards at the Yellow Barn Studio and the Rockville Art League. I have exhibited at other local DC galleries including my last show at Gallery B in January 2020. My work has been purchased by collectors across the US.

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