Kari Minnick

My art and life are a study of contrasts: order and chaos, thick and thin, questioning and acceptance.  Using rich surfaces and layers of glass, I contrast fleshy realism with abstraction.  Immediacy and restraint, delicacy and directness; I balance bold composition and nuanced line.

A maker of pictures and teller of stories, I’m soothed by familiar fluency and stirred by ecstatic newness.  Fleeting gesture on solid ground, murky meaning and bruising impact, chaos and eerie calm.  Disparate elements crescendo and resolve into beauty.

Kari Minnick holds a degree in studio art from the University of California at Davis and has been an exhibiting artist and educator for over twenty-five years.  Collected internationally, Kari’s works are in private, corporate and embassy collections.

Kari Minnick 5x9 72dpi

Kari is the artist/owner of Kari Minnick Art Glass Studio, LLC, located in the heart of the Arts & Entertainment district in Silver Spring, MD.  The studio offers architectural commissions, fine art, and internationally recognized courses in kiln formed glass.  A dynamic educator, Kari teaches her signature courses throughout the United States and in her Maryland studio.

Kari Minnick Art Glass Studio
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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