Zofie Lang

My assemblages explore the underlying meaning of narratives, including fairy tales, folklore and literary fiction.  I am particularly interested in stories that explore superstitions and magic, and how these play into modern beliefs and perceptions of reality.  Using photography, digital photomontage and found object assemblage, I reconstruct stories visually by extracting and organizing key elements.

Fairy tales and folklore, which have existed for millennia, maintain a grip on our imagination.  They are constantly refreshed and reiterated, showing up in popular culture in familiar and novel ways; similar themes emerge across cultures and generations.  It seems to me that, regardless of modern science, there remains a fascination with old explanations, those underlying beliefs deeply ingrained in the human psyche, which manifest through those tales and superstitions that have survived since ancient times.  Rooted in my background in psychology, I create artwork to help me understand the human mind, which I am fascinated with.Zofie Lang Lord of Flies Drop Shaddow 9x5 72 dpi

Drawers often play a role in my pieces, which harkens back to my curiosity about their potential contents and wanting to unveil the secrets they may hold.  Type drawers serve as polyptychs, highlighting different aspects of the story in separate compartments; a technique which I have borrowed from medieval Christian art.  The vast majority of my work is photo-based, and the original imagery I take and manipulate is the foundation on which I build.

My goal is to highlight different layers of significance; the magical, spiritual and pseudoscientific alongside the secular and practical.


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