Tova Shpantzer A&M1

As a person who loves art of all kinds, I studied art history and visited countless museums all over Europe, Israel and North America. As a young working mother, I took enamel and metal art classes – years later these art forms evolved to be my main artistic expression.

My collections are informed by elements found in nature and by Middle Eastern and Asian cultures as well as motives from ancient art and architecture. After studying for years with master metal smiths, I now enjoy inventing my own metal smithing and enameling techniques to create raw, organic looks for hand forged objects such as jewelry, sculptures and decorative vessels. I like taking risks in my designs and try to create pieces that are truly one of a kind and invoke strong reactions through use of color, shape, detail and texture.

I thrive on the creative process of bringing an idea to life and, as a result, my works tend to have a sense of movement and continuous evolution.

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