Tim Weedlun, Affiliate AZ

My art depicts figures interacting with swirling forms of matter. This is a personal meditation on the circle of life and the law of physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed but converted from one form to another. Are the figures dissolving into ether or is the ether coalescing into a new form? Or do both events happen at once?

The concept springs from an impending awareness of mortality. While traces of ourselves can linger on in lives we’ve touched, it only takes a few generations before those meager shreds seem to disperse like wisps of smoke into the elements from which we emerged.

Many faiths offer more optimistic afterlife scenarios: some believe we merge into an eternal collective consciousness; some believe we’ve lived through this cycle many times before; and some even believe that we design, well ahead of our birth, our earthly experiences. I like these more hopeful ideas as I want to believe consciousness is not lost and that everything eventually counts for something somewhere.

The mystery of our origins and our ultimate destination, and any possible connection between the two, captivates me and compels me to construct a palatable story to tell through my art.


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