Suzanne Farr A&M AZ

I started serious coloring as a child – staying within the lines using all of my crayon colors.  In High School, I used all of my elective periods to sign up for Art Class which is where I started painting.

My Art Teacher, Mrs. Mary Haven was a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art.  Mrs. Haven was my mentor and arranged for me to be honored with two 6 weeks scholarships  both my Junior and Senior years and I travelled to Boston on Saturdays to experience this wonderful opportunity.  When I graduated from high school I was accepted at MassArt but my father made a job change that required us to move out of State.  MassArt did not have any housing or dormitories, so I had to drop out.

I transferred to a Business College and pursued a career in Business Administration and Information Technology.  However, always long to pick up a palette knife or brush.

I took classes during my work career when time and work travel permitted.  I retired in 2018 and finally was the able to devote some serious time and resumed painting.

My primary purpose is to savor the comfort and relaxation that I experience at the canvas.  I want to continue learning technique and color and hope to be painting for the foreseeable future.  I share most of my works with family and friends but am looking forward to the opportunity to display to the public and my fellow artists.

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