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Susan Faden

Water calls us.  It is infinite and ever-changing.  Whether raging or still, water provides excitement, escape, joy, solace.  Throughout our lives we are drawn to this restorativeSusan Faden 02 6x9 72 dpi copy resource in all its forms.

Through images of water and the use of light, reflection, and shadow my work explores the space between what we see and what we sense.  I strive to capture and record the moment, to reveal the depth, detail, and mystery within. 

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1974, my study continued under Hans Hoffman protégé Katherine Nelson and Sumi-e Master Madeleine Jossem.

“Susan Faden’s art captures the striking effects of sunlight in and on moving bodies of water. Images of water and sky stretch back into space indefinitely. With simplified details and loose, expressive brushwork combined with pastel, the work relies heavily on observed color relationships. 

In newer works, Faden explores the image of coins tossed into water. These paintings draw on the symbolism behind this simple ritual, and explore the significance and power of wishes and prayer.”

Cara Ober, City Paper
Urbanite Magazine
Studio Artists 
Biennial 2011


Susan de Serio Faden