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Sue Henry A&M1

When I taught school decades ago, other teachers used me as a resource to come up with bulletin boards, notices, and class projects.  I liked working with color and design.  I took a couple of classes in photography.  After my husband and I retired to Maryland, I began to write children’s stories.  Then, five years ago, I needed a diversion from a particularly stressful time in life.  Photography and writing children’s stories for my grandchildren were not enough.  I needed to learn something new, and I needed to be around other people.

Artists have always been my favorite people.  I signed up for a watercolor class with the county.  Looking more carefully at shapes and shadows, talking about color with others and taking workshops opened a new world and kept me alive.

A few months ago I began to play with water-based oils.  The “feel” of the paint is something new for me and I am loving my palette knives.  I am a student.  My vision is to incorporate storytelling and landscapes…perhaps going back to the old bulletin boards.  I like messages, but most of all I enjoy learning and seeing the amazing work that is done by artists who have dedicated years to their craft.

Susan Henry




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