Spring 2021 in the Gallery

Artists & Makers Studios Parklawn Hosts
“My Picture Tells a Story” with Neal Schlosburg

(Rockville, MD) – Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive in Rockville is proud to feature the work of Neal Schlosburg in our first 2021 exhibit. “My Picture Tells a Story” features twenty stories by twenty people – a unique portrait study in human emotions.

“Sharing emotions and troubling stories with family members or close friends is difficult for many people. We are afraid of what another will think of us. Society tells us not to burden another with our troubles.

Instead, many of us internalize them, blow them off when we need to share them, even tell them to an inappropriate person. It affects our moods, our outlook, our day-to-day life, and our relationships. Some swear they will take these feelings and stories to their grave. Unfortunately, some do sooner than later.

People tell me their personal stories and I listen to them without judgement. In telling their stories, I use unique images. My work shows sharing personal, emotional stories can be safe. Yours can be too.”

“My Picture Tells a Story”  with Neal Schlosburg
March 16th through June 26th, 2021

Artists & Makers Studios
11810 Parklawn Dr., Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20852

Visit A&M1 Parklawn with timed tickets to view this very special exhibit. A mask firmly covering nose and mouth, as well as strict social distancing are required at this time for entry into the building. Interested parties can order date and time slot tickets on the artist’s website.

Each slot is limited to six tickets. https://mypicturetellsastory.com/

Come discover the most welcoming artspace in the area.

Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive in Rockville, established in October 2014 by artist and arts community builder Judith HeartSong, is a 13,000 sq. ft. facility is home to 66 resident artists. A&M Studios is dedicated to providing a supportive and vibrant environment for artists to realize their creative goals – through studio practice, collaboration, education, opportunities, networking and connecting with the community beyond our doors.

Press Release for Spring 2021 Exhibit

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