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Roxana Rojas Luzon A&M2

I am fascinated by the art of collage, and use snippets of magazine paper, fabric, paper painted by my children or by myself, photographs, my own pencil drawings, pigments, wires, ribbons, anything that enriches the texture and color of my pieces. I render scenes of family life trough semi-realistic and abstract images, expressing feelings and emotions.

I started my career as a collage artist in 2014 trough a local solo exhibition, in which I showed a total of 20 pieces. At present, two years later, I belong to three art leagues, have exhibited locally and nationally in a total of 18 shows, increased my production 300 percent, and sold a significant number of pieces.

My goal is to produce unique collage through learning, observing, studying, investigating, and teaching, and to establish a network in order to create more demand for this type of art.

Finally, I use lots of color and movement because, what I really want, is to make people look a little closer.

Roxana Rojas Luzon

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