Rebecca Baier Ropp A&M1

Artist Statement

I create stained glass art with a purpose of bringing beauty and joy to the viewers. There is a thrill in selecting the colors and unique textures of glass, and experiencing how the artwork is altered by the light shining through it. My personal style involves an abstract exploration of layers of glass, which gives a 3-dimensional aspect to the artwork as the piece itself creates novel colors and textures beyond the original materials.

This artistic journey began with developing the skills to create stained glass work in a club led by a high school chemistry teacher. She taught us to safely cut and grind glass, apply copper foil and solder. This club was motivated as an opportunity to introduce students to the chemistry involved in glass coloring as well as the metal alloys of soldering. For me, this after school activity kicked off a life-long creative venture, and I appreciate the thoughtful support of my mother who presented me with my own set of tools after graduating.

My vision is to work collaboratively to develop art pieces specific to a space, with special meaning to the owners who bring their ideas and personality to the final design.

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