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Pooja Gupta Campbell A&M1

but you and I are really one

In a nutshell, I use my art to sort through the zillion questions I have floating about in my head about life, the truth in meditation and our place in nature.

In one aspect, as a woman (or associating myself with the female energy) I am particularly fascinated with the women in my life and the girlfriends I make. Friends who are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and lovers.

 What draws me to these women?

I think, in a deeper sense, that what we all are is really a state of consciousness. All these women in my life are essentially different states and reflections of me.

The lotus is a repetitive motive in my work. I respond deeply to it’s symbolism and the role it plays in our spiritual awakening. Rising from muddy waters to a thing of beauty and purity – devoid of attachment. Our ultimate goal.

My figures co-habitat a world filled with nature and colour – because that is how I see us. Sometimes in conflict with nature – our un-enlightened self, and sometimes in harmony with it – our ultimate self.

The titles are an important part of my paintings because I see them as a doorway of sorts. Opening the way, but ultimately letting the viewer find their own way through this very individual journey of discoveries.


1999 – 2001 – Textile Designing Cape Technikon, Cape Town, South Africa

1995 – 1999 – B.F.A Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

1994 – 1995 – Visual Arts Centennial College, Toronto, Canada

1991 – 1994 – Fine Arts Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, India

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