Pam Rogers

Pam Rogers works with a broad array of organic materials to create fluid, abstract works on paper as well as large-scale nature based sculptures and installations.  She creates her works on paper utilizing plant and soil pigments and often making the paper as well.  Her sculptural installations are assembled from an array of vegetation in various stages of bloom and decay.  In all her works, Rogers addresses the complex relationship between individuals and nature, sustainability and growth, past and present.

Rogers’ sculptural installations, whether suspended or earth-bound use locally found flowers, leaves, and herbs, along with fiber and disjunctive pieces of hardware and are bound into massive, compelling forms that are infused with an ominous beauty.  She grounds the work into the current season and creates them to be site-specific by incorporating organic materials that reflect the shifting cycles of nature, while utilizing plants relevant to a specific place.

Rogers’ two-dimensional works reveal dense passages of paint while complemented by a strong use of negative space.  She evokes a profusion of natural imagery, often counter-balanced by decay, elements that choke or bind, and sometimes s suggestion of tiny creatures hopelessly trapped in the mass of organic matter.  Yet in her continuing examination of the complex relationship between people, plants, and place, Rogers never loses sight of the beauty inherent in the cyclical character of nature.  The artist has observed, “I am always intrigued by presenting beauty with elements that challenge the viewer to question what lurks beneath.”

Pam Rogers
Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Blvd
Studio #209
Arlington, VA 22201


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