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Neal Schlosburg

Posted on Nov 19, 2017

Neal Schlosburg, Professional Portrait & Fine Art Photographer


I am a freelance professional photographer based just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C. I offer a wide array of professional images imbued with passion and clarity, bolstered by over 40 years of photography and customer service experience.

I can bring studio and camera equipment to your office, business, home or location in the Greater Washington, D.C. area and beyond. Additionally, my studios at Artists & Makers and Kensington, MD are available for individual portraits and headshots.

At NS Image, my clients are never rushed during a photo session. The session experience is relaxed and collaborative. We work with business professionals to create memorable portraits and headshots. For musicians and performance artists, I crafts image that are dramatic and intimate.

I also offer a unique perspective for parents with children who want images of genuine emotion and spontaneity. “Let’s Play” gives the family, images to treasure for generations to come.

Let’s start a conversation about how my photography can accomplish your goals.

NS IMAGE  – 301.761.4216



I grew up around photography. When I was young (a very long time ago), my father used a Brownie Box camera and one of the original Polaroids. I was particularly intrigued watching the Polaroid negatives develop right in front of my eyes…. magical.

In summer camp as a teenager, I was introduced to the darkroom. We made pinhole cameras and developed the black and white negatives onto photo paper as contact or proof sheets, I was hooked.

In my later teen years, I acquired my first SLR, the venerable Minolta SRT 101. In my very first apartment, I immediately turned the kitchen into a darkroom – sounded logical to me.

Today, I shoot with a mirrorless digital camera. I like the freedom that the size and weight of the camera affords me without giving up the quality that I expect.

My subject matter has evolved over the years. People interest me the most. I love the connectedness I get in photographing holistic and spontaneous emotions. Whether it’s street photography, musicians, dancers or the joys of youth, people are what fuels my passion. On many occasions, I even approach my floral photography as if I were doing a portrait.