Michael Bauermeister

My current work explores natural textures and themes by interpreting them in carved, painted wood using techniques I have developed over the past 35 years as a woodworker.

The hewn surface of wood, with its repeated tool marks, can suggest many of the patterns of the natural world.

From pebbles on a beach to leaves on a tree, from waves on the ocean to the cells that make up all of life, the world isMichael Bauermeister 4x6 72 dpi made of discreet marks that come together as a textured surface.

By adding color with stains and tinted lacquer I try to suggest the different rhythms of our world.

These techniques are applied to wood panels and to large wooden vessels that I think of as figural representations in the iconic form of a vase.

Arranged in groups that suggest relationships, these vessels take on personality and character.

They remind us of the great importance of our own relationships in good times and in challenging times.


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