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May 2018 in the Galleries at A&M1 and 2

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

May 2018 in the Galleries at A&M1 and 2

Artists & Makers Studios 1 and 2 Present
Four Exhibits at Two Locations for the Month of May

(Rockville, MD) – Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive and Wilkins Avenue in Rockville are welcoming May at two locations with three solo exhibits and one mother/son exhibit, featuring the artwork of Rosana Azar, Michael Kraniski, Jun Lee, and Susan and Michael Makara in the galleries of both studio centers. These four exhibits will open First Friday festivities between 6-9pm on May 4th, and will showcase resident artists’ open studios for browsing as well.

“Luminous Spirit” Rosana Azar
Creating these canvases is a way to understand herself and the world around her. She is an explorer of dreams, using color and texture to unveil the hidden images. Rosana’s work is an expression of her passion for life and her surroundings.

“Skyscapes” Michael Kraniski
The most interesting element in landscape paintings are the skies.  The sky sets the mood.  It controls the color and light of the landscape, and provides a sense of movement in the paintings.

“Feather and Fur” Jun Lee
Competition is an inherent quality of man, one that we often try to ignore. As people, we don’t like to think about it, but it rules every aspect of our lives. We constantly try to one-up our fellow man. We love to find ways to hide from competition, to shade ourselves from the harshness of its glaring bright light, so we put on disguises that shield our identities and true motives for a while.

This series of woodcuts attempts to evoke the different moments of our competitive lives; pieces that express the spectrum of competition from hiding away to preparing for a fight using animals as metaphor. The reality is that all life is competition and we create barriers in our minds that allow us to think we have a space we can step into where the competition stops. That constructed space allows us to regroup and enter the next fight towards our goal. Every attempt might not succeed or look glorious, but every victory is built upon the foundation of numerous defeats.  The ability to be successful is not dependent on the number of triumphs that you have, but rather your willingness to get up and continue the struggle after a defeat.

“Unexpected Journey” Susan and Michael Makara
Two artists: mother and son, separated by style and medium. Each ventured on an unexpected journey; one physical, one metaphysical. In the end their labors brought forth this pictorial collection from an unexpected journey.

What started in 2000 after a trip to Sedona, Susan Makara’s fascination with found cairns has evolved as precariously composed structures that temporarily defy gravity. These rock portraits are not only about the realistically rendered rocks, but also about the negative space separating the background from the dramatic interaction of the foreground. As this series progresses the smooth abstracted shapes of the background juxtapose the textured rocks. The journey from observation to execution is complete.

What started as a road trip with no destination, Michael Makara, a previsualization artist and director, captures this journey with a collection of photographs depicting a progression from the rusted hues of parched surfaces to the fiery sky above ethereal waves. Each image captures a fragile moment in time. Precarious and fluid, the moment is made solid and permanent through the camera’s lens. Rock formations look almost liquid under the distortion of the camera lens. It is easy to get lost in the swirling colors and arresting composition.

This collection is an introduction to a journey. The fascination has only begun.

Opening Reception
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday, May 4th, 2018

Artists & Makers Studios 1
11810 Parklawn Dr., Suite 210

Rockville, MD 20852
Artists & Makers Studios 2
12276/12280 Wilkins Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852

Artists & Makers Studios 1 on Parklawn features exhibits with Rosana Azar, Michael Kraniski, and Jun Lee, along with Theremin music by Arthur Harrison as well as resident artists’ open studios. Additionally A&M2 on Wilkins is proud to present the work of Susan and Michael Makara, an exhibit with the 22 member artists in Gallery 209, the Montgomery County Camera Club’s group exhibit “Perspectives” and resident artists’ open studios – all just 9/10’s of a mile from the flagship location on Parklawn with free parking at both locations and the best parties in town.

These exhibits at both locations open Friday, May 4th, and continue through Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018.  Viewing hours coincide with office hours and are 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday, and Sundays/Mondays by chance or appointment.

Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive in Rockville, established in October 2014 by artist and arts community builder Judith HeartSong, is a 13,000 sq. ft. facility is now home to 66 resident artists. Artists & Makers Studios 2 on Wilkins Avenue in Rockville is a 23,000 sq. ft. facility with 88 resident artists and more to come. A&M Studios is dedicated to providing a supportive and vibrant environment for artists to realize their creative goals – through studio practice, collaboration, education, opportunities, networking and connecting with the community beyond our doors. 

Artists and Makers Studios Press Release MAY 2018