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Matt MacIntire A&M1

Matt MacIntire Hackle Jug 6x9 72dpiI am not an Artist. Artists are skinny and gregarious, and if they don’t live in Brooklyn, they want to. I just like to make stuff.

We all know that people played with clay long before they painted. So, clay is at the beginning and at the center of art. Ages ago, people around the first fires tossed in clay goddesses to ensure fertility.  If those goddesses blew up in the fire, that was considered a good omen. Plenty of my own work blows up in the kiln, so I feel like I’m carrying on an important tradition.

I am not a deep thinker, but then, who really is? However, you can be sure that I am a thinker.  I do not simply make functional bowls or cute little figurines. My bowls are not for slurping tomato soup. When you use one of my bowls you will think deep thoughts about forces and mass and the outer limits of space. You use my bowls not just to hold food, but to think about what food is.

(with apologies to John Marlowe and Garry Knox Bennett)


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