Marilyn Henrion

“Windows” is Marilyn Henrion’s latest series of works.  Her focus on windows in their various permutations has metaphorical implications that are not lost on this artist.  From Renaissance paintings to cinema and cyberspace, the window has always been perceived as a mediator between spaces.  Windows are the visual bridge between inside and out.  Though transparent, the window may serve as the barrier or the link between the viewer and the world beyond.  To those outside, it may reflect the world, or provide one with a glimpse of the inside.  To those inside, it may shield them from the reality outside or offer a connection to it.  The intimate life stories behind windows are limitless, as are the events seen through the windows as they unfold throughout time.

Inspired by the urban geometry of her surroundings as a life-long New Yorker, Henrion combines ancient needlework techniques with digitally manipulated photography and pigment printing to create mixed media works of art that reflect contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.  The presence of her hand stitching both animates the surfaces and, at the same time, softens and humanizes that geometry by the irregular qualities of texture inherent in the materials and construction techniques.  The hand quilting also serves as  as a proxy for the artist, through whose experience the subject is filtered.  Much as Edward Hopper had done in the last century, Henrion synthesizes and transforms the “facts” of the material world to reflect her own experience of a particular place.Marilyn Henrion 5 5x6 72dpi

A graduate of Cooper Union, Marilyn Henrion is represented in the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art in Washington, DC.  Her award winning artworks have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.  They are in major museum, corporate and private collections, including the Museum of Arts & Design in New York, the Newark Museum, the Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland, the U.S. Embassy in Pnom Penh, Cambodia, among others.

Henrion’s works have also been featured in numerous publications including “Women Designers in the U.S. 1900-2000,” published by Yale University Press.  Among the grants Henrion has received was one awarded by the Artslink Partnership, devoted to fostering excellence in the arts between the U.S. and countries of the former Soviet Union.  In 2005, she was awarded a fellowship by the New York Foundation for the Arts.  Henrion’s latest works will be featured in her 21st solo exhibition at Noho Gallery in New York City in September, 2015.

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