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Mariana Kastrinakis A&M2

Mariana Kastrinakis

Mariana Kastrinakis is a watercolor and mixed media painter mostly involving watermedia.  Her practice of art began in the 1980’s when she first explored watercolors. After multiple shows and accomplishments (including art awards) in that medium, her work evolved to incorporate acrylics, as well as collage techniques and a greater emphasis on incorporating drawing and printmaking. 

Her  goal is to create realistic and semi-abstract paintings and jewelry  that include making artful use of (or “upcycling”) discardable materials.

Subjects in her art reflect her fascination with the interactions between light and nature’s elements and the colors, textures and patterns she perceives as emanating from such interaction.  Her paintings attempt to capture the special play of light and colors in nature-inspired images across the seasons and hours of the day and reflect  her interpretation of these natural elements.  Her paintings, collages and mono-prints make use of uniquely cut stencils, hand-carved stamps as well as hand-painted and embellished papers which she likes to incorporate in subtle ways. 

Mariana has been the recipient of multiple awards and has exhibited repeatedly in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  She appreciates your interest in her work and hopes you enjoy viewing it as much as she enjoyed making it.