Linda LoPilato A&M AZ

Some of the happiest days of my life begin when I greet the day with a paintbrush and a half-finished painting. It is like reading a book. Sometimes you know how it will end, sometimes you do not. It is the process that I enjoy. I have been engaged in the art process my whole life.

My father was in the Army and my mother was from Germany. We were always travelling. I ended up attending the University of Arizona and receiving a Masters of Science. I moved to California for thirteen years. There I worked as a Counseling Psychologist and later as a Computer Programmer/System Analyst and started a family. We returned to Tucson and I was a high school teacher. It was not until recently that I have found the time to totally immerse myself in painting.

During the hot summers of Tucson, I step inside my studio to find my inspiration. I have been creating and painting mandalas for over thirty-five years. The geometric logic used in painting a mandala was influenced by a technology career. I enjoy the challenge of designing harmonious and contemporary geometric abstracts.

Every spring the desert explodes with cactus blossoms. It motivates me to explore matching acrylic or oil paint with the colors of nature. In the fall and winter, the wide expanses and Southwestern pastel colors are enjoyed from a travel trailer with landscape and urban painting along the way.

I love the artist’s way of life because it encourages me to search for the extraordinary in the ordinary. It allows me to take note of the beautiful colors and patterns of the Southwest. It makes me enjoy the lights and darks of everyday life and seek the symmetrical patterns in seeming chaos.

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