Leslie Fry

My sculptures and works on paper are inspired by basic human needs: food, shelter, clothing, love and consciousness.  I model, cast, draw and print by combining organic materials such as plants, paper, clay and fabric with plaster, concrete, rubber, metal and resin.  The intersection of the natural world and the human-made world drives my work.  Mining for inspiration from the remains of those worlds, I integrate the human body with architecture, flora and fauna, melding fragments from each into moments of wholeness.
Diverse influences come from literature, psychology, mythology – and in the visual arts, range from the body/spirit experience of medieval architecture to the theatrical narratives of William Kentridge.Leslie Fry 5x10 72dpi

Currently I am working on a series of cast resin and ceramic sculptures called Supports, where architectural details are crossed with the human form.  The sculptures range in height from one to ten feet, and are based on supports such as brackets, legs and columns that I overlay with corresponding human anatomy (arm muscles and tendons carved into a bracket, for example). 

Exploring how the weight of responsibility and the bearing of burdens can uplift or crush the individual spirit is translated in Supports via imagery and text.  Those drawings and words are carved and glazed into the sculptures’ surfaces, evoking feelings of support, bearing weight, high and low emotions, spirit, endurance, holding together and falling apart.



Winooski, VT  05404









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