Kelli Sincock

People often ask me what it is that I do and I always have trouble answering that question as I have never been very comfortable with committing to a personal title.  If I had to pick just one title it would likely be “explorer”.

It has taken decades of massive amounts of training and work experience for me to get to the point where I feel qualified enough to refer to myself an “Artist.”  I approach art much like I approach life in that I am continuously exploring, learning, growing and searching for new information.

Over the years I have studied a variety of mediums including: drawing, painting, metalsmithing, glass, film & video, sculpture, installation art, stone carving and printmaking.  I have never felt the desire to pick just one medium to focus on solely even though I do admire those who have such intense and sincere dedication.  My drive to learn a variety of disciplines stems from a strong personal desire to be able to create whatever my mind imagines.Kelli Sincock Interweaving 5x8 72dpi

Education, in the broadest sense, has always been very important to me.  I never tire of learning new things, and I don’t anticipate that drive to learn to disappear any time in the near future.  I am passionate about art, music, nature, science, psychology, spirituality and mythology.  Elements of these subjects are often found within my work.  I hold a BA in Interdisciplinary Art with a focus on Metalsmithing from the University of Washington and I am near completion of a BFA in Printmaking from George Mason University.

I operate my own printmaking studio called Persimmon Press and I am the founder of the NOVA Printmaker’s collective located in Northern Virginia.

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