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Kathie Perry Lynch A&M1

My glass journey began about twenty years ago when I signed up to take a fused glass class and I fell in love with the glass medium and the interplay of the glass itself with the lighting around it.Kathie Lynch 6x7 72 dpi

Hooked on glasswork and this new art form, I went on to become a founding member of the Glen Echo Glass Art Consortium.

To further hone my craft, I have taken classes with many renowned glass artists, including Rudi Gritsch, Gil Reynolds, Steve Klein, Jane Bruce, Anna Boothe, Colin Reed, Martin Kramer, Richard Parrish, Stacey Lyn Smith, Jonathan Schmuck, Tonya Veit , Nathan Sandberg and Ted Sawyer.

Currently, my work can be found displayed in galleries and craft shows up and down the East Coast.

I have taught classes that range in skill levels at Glen Echo National Park, The Workhouse at Lorton, as an Adjunct teacher for the Corcoran, and VisArts.

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