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Karen Lantner A&M1

I did some painting in high school, but then didn’t have much time for art for a long while. School, then marriage, job, raising two sons, directing a dance troupe – all filled up my days, and then some! I took early retirement from my high-stress job (managing very large software development projects) when my husband accepted a tour with the Foreign Service to Niger, in West Africa. Niger has got to be the most exotic place on earth, and it was during our three years there that I discovered a love of photography. Our next tour was to Viet Nam. An Italian friend of mine encouraged me to go with her to the Hanoi Fine Arts University to study traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting. I loved it, but after three years I came back to the states to discover no opportunity to do lacquer painting. So I chose a painting class at random  – “Painting Through the Lens” taught by Glen Kessler. Now, eight years later, I am in year 2 of the 3-year Master Artist Program at The Compass Atelier. My art journey continues to unfold.


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