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Jonathan Jaeger A&M2

This is all the artwork from my head which is always evolving and coming up with new ideas, this is a new venture for me and I am selling the these works of art and maybe when I am gone from the earth and ancient aliens unearth these piece of art they will wonder what kind of people once inhabited the earth and what kind of social drugs we were taking samples of before we sat down to do are abstract art. These are available on Canvas with supplies to hang it in your beautiful home, so you can see it everyday and not think of the world so seriously but creatively. I hope someone will enjoy these as much as me, I am considering putting some of the work on t-shirts but that is an adventure for another time. Those who are guests will gain information on my progress and how to get these wonderful art work, through this fabulous new site. 

My dream is to show these in a art gallery and if I sell just one to give the money to programs in school needing money for classes with artistic expression which are in need. 

I do not compare myself to anybody I am an original, although I love painting human situations and human emotions. I love doing this, I would not mind doing this full time but I am not at that step yet. This is pure passion I am asking you to share in that. Picasso is a favorite but I do not think I am better than any artist. 

Peace Love and Happiness to all of You! 

Jonathan Jaeger

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