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Jeanne McManus

After almost 40 years as a writer and editor–26 of those in daily journalism–Jeanne McManus began to draw and paint.  An English major and an Art minor in college, she had always wanted to be Jeanne McManus Hydrangeas 5x7 72 dpiboth a writer and an artist; oh, but she had to earn a living too.  So she chose the written word, a passion that even the grind of daily journalism couldn’t beat out of her.

When in 2005 she chose to leave her job as an editor at The Washington Post, she immediately picked up a pencil and began drawing, first on her own and then with ample support and guidance from drawing teachers.  After two years, she braved the world of acrylics and then ventured into oil painting, where she found the medium that she liked most.

Jeanne has taken art courses at the Yellow Barn, Montgomery College and the Corcoran and had a solo show at the Yellow Barn in September 2012.  She is currently studying at Rockville’s Compass Atelier, under the thoughtful and creative direction of Glen Kessler.

Jeanne is a member of Vision Nine, a collective of nine local artists whose joint show took place at the Yellow Barn in 2014 and whose work was featured in a group show in October 2015 at Gallery 322 in Frederick.