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Jeanine Cummins A&M2

I grew up during what I think was one of the most interesting times to be living in spite of its turbulence. My family like many during that time always took pictures.  I always loved looking at the old photographs of my family because they told me of a time before mine.  I also loved looking at Ebony , Jet , Life, National Geographic and LOOK magazines.  Gordon Parks, Ernest Withers and Moneta Sleet, Jr., told a story of the nation and cities; James Van derZee showed me another side to life in Harlem; while LOOK, Life, and Nat Geo showed me the world.

I am basically a self-taught photographer except through classes I’ve taken and books that I’ve read, but photography is about doing, and doing some more.  I like to photograph different genres but photojournalism and street photography is what I am drawn to.  I want to take soulful images that make you see, feel think and connect.




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