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Jacob Elbaz A&M1

– More than 30 years of technical and mechanical illustration experience in a research and development environment

– Expertise in 3D modeling and animation

– Experience producing space art, oceanography, and medical illustrations for inclusion in journals, displays, viewgraphs, proposals

– Recognized for ability to utilize software-troubleshooting skills in managing, using, and integrating a variety of software formats to produce artwork

Awards and Honors

2008: Civilian Space Annual Report: American In-house Design Award – Outstanding Support for the NASA Titan Explorer Flagship Mission Study

2004: International MarCom Creative Awards: Gold Finalist – Creativity/Illustration/Graphic Design

1997-1998: STC Awards: Excellence Communication Competitions

1996-1997: Merit for MSX Mission Objectives

1995-1996: Merit for Gravity Gradiometer Configuration for Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Poster

1995: Superior Team Achievement Award