Iris Perry, Affiliate

Designing jewelry takes me to a special place deep within my soul where I feel the most free, authentic and Iris Perry 6x9 72dpiempowered.  I want you to experience the same feelings when wearing my jewelry.  It’s not just wearable art; its passion and purpose.  Passion and purpose generates energy that helps me to challenge and conquer the mundane leaving me to discover new possibilities in my jewelry designs.

My design inspiration often comes from my love of nature, fashion, architecture, historical places and a deep emotional connection to my Creator.  I am drawn to materials that appeal to my sense of color, shape and texture.

Then, I inquisitively explore ideas that come to me and ask myself, “what if it is done this way?” I let my imagination and spirit takeover.  When I do this, I go into the realm of exuberant feelings of joy and accomplishment.  This leads to some of my best designs.  It is not always knowing a particular technique.  It is simply heartfelt ideas worked into action that materializes.

Iris Perry Designs

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