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Guise and Dolls Workshop with Melissa Ichiuji at Parklawn

Figurative Sculpture Classes with Melissa Ichiuji

$320.00 for 8 weeks (materials not included)
11810 Parklawn Drive in Rockville

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their finished work in an exclusive gallery exhibit at A&M titled “Progeny” which will feature the work of Melissa Ichiuji and her students.

Express your secret self through doll making

Dolls are the oldest, most popular toys that ever existed. Since the beginning of civilization dolls have functioned as playthings, magical dream keepers and spiritual intermediaries. Doll making marries beautifully the seriousness of high art, the freedom of play, and the healing power of self-reflective object making. This class invites participants to draw inspiration from personal history, memories, and desires to be used in their creative process. Through journaling, sketching and discussion, each student will choose a theme for their portrait and then learn basic techniques for building armatures and joining soft materials and found objects to create a unique art doll.

Melissa Ichiuji

To register contact Melissa Ichiuji directly:




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