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Gregory Logan Dunn

Gregory Logan Dunn. Maryland Institute, College of Art, BFA, 1998.Gregory Logan Dunn 9x9 72 dpi

Greg is a painter whose media includes watercolor, acrylic and oil.  An abstract artist, his work is non-representational, stripped down to color and the artist’s mark as form.  Working architectonically focusing on vertical and/or horizontal layers of color, the serendipitous and chaotic hand of nature forced by the artist covers, reveals, builds and destroys.  The effect may sometimes resemble light burning down through the trees at dusk. Colors reflected in the ice at midnight.  A jar full of honey smashed against the event horizon.  It drips down, across a place no time stops.

Greg has worked a number of jobs in painting, construction and faux finishing, as well as in museums such as the National Museum of African Art and The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.  A working artist for most of his years since graduating his school, he became a full-time artist in 2016.

Gregory Logan Dunn


202- 309-0747