Greg Braun

Architecture: a space acknowledged by perimeters, actual or perceived.  My art is a direct extension of the architecture that defines a gallery — walls.

Walls of gypsum drywall become truly inert in most architectural applications. Finished and painted, they seamlessly blend into the un-noticed spatial backdrop.  By utilizing this inert material to manipulate space for viewers, the walls themselves become art.

The work provides spaces to visit within the space visited.  Devoid of the normal reference orthography of vertical and horizontal, the use of asymmetrical boundaries removes the viewer from conformity, revealing a new outlook into personal space.  This new dynamic architecture becomes a re-definition of self, of being in a place, at a time, becoming enlightened, obtaining a new chance of freeing oneself of the box. Greg Braun

Conceiving the work comes through experiencing architectural spaces, studying architectural reference books, and reviewing personal photography of architectural details.  Some of my  works are site specific pieces that develop from the experience of a space over a period of time, compiling sunlight studies, varying sightlines, existing architectural materials and the overall perception of how a space is used by visitors.  These observations are combined to form an impression for constructing new topography.

Fabricating each finished piece starts with a complex set of hand drawn sketches, architectural scale models, computer generated parts drawings and, when warranted, digital 3D renderings.   These developmental tasks culminate in the assembly and painting of the finished drywall and wood constructions seen in the gallery.

Greg Braun

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