Georgie Sharp

I live on the edge of the “Australian Outback” where the colours are bright, the horizons huge and the people larger than life.  

I am a member of a community arts group that is currently celebrating its 50th birthday and, as an artist living in isolation from a city “arts scene”, I treasure the camaraderie and support that the amazing people in this group provide.

I guess you could call me an explorer of ARTS.  I stay for a while in a place Georgie Sharp web Flinders layers 6x9 72 dpiand explore all the possibilities that are offered, and then I start looking around for the next exciting thing that needs my attention.  I love to PLAY.

Over the years I have explored spinning, weaving, organic dying, oil painting, batik, screen-printing, marbling, textile arts, wearable art, photography, digital manipulation, pastels and felting.

Each new discovery is influenced by past experiences, and I have developed my own unique view of the world as you can see in my pastels, which are hugely influenced by my years of marbling and the way I see things as a photographer.

Georgie Sharp



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