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Gen Gaines A&M1

I am a Native Washingtonian.

I can’t remember a point in my life when I wasn’t creating some form of visual art—magazine collages, clay sculptures,pastels, pen and ink drawings; silk-screened and lithographic prints; watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings. Even computer graphics.

I have an extensive formal education in the fine arts—having attended Moore College of Art and graduating with a BA Degree in Arts Management from Howard University (studio art courses and business electives) in 2007.

Soon after I graduated, my thyroid gland was severely damaged as a result of a botched medical procedure and my health became increasingly worse. I soon became abysmally out of touch with all aspects of my life. I continued to work but, I then sought out primarily clerical roles — far removed from what I went to school for. I eventually closed the door to all artistic pursuits.

In 2010, I was challenged with a professional diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Type l. In 2016 I was diagnosed by an Endocrinologist with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This news was devastating but, extremely helpful. Now,at least, I understood what was making me so unwell for so long and, I was armed with a protocol to treat it.

I discovered Art Enables in 2017 and I volunteered as a staff aid. They then offered me a resident artist Fellowship and I slowly began to switch back on the right side of my brain. The AE program helps disabled emerging artists (of all stripes) to free up their mental and emotional baggage to produce exceptional works of art.

I began to plumb the depths of my imagination with representational and abstract forms of acrylic painting and I have not looked back. I am currently inspired by the figurative mastery of Chloe Piene and the no tan draughtsmanship of Alphonse Mucha.

As of April 2019, I am also a resident artist with Artists & Makers Studios located in Rockville, Maryland. My studio hours vary.


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