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Elli Behdad

 “Art is the heart beat of a soul”

Elli Behdad is a modern expressionist in Maryland, working in acrylic, oil and sculpture.  Her work presents a blend of classic and contemporary art that is constantly evolving, influenced by traveling and learning from different cultures.  She performs on large canvas with the harmony of colors and Elli Behdad sailing acrylic 6x8 72 dpiunique technique in abstract art, producing idealistic fantasies that generate a visceral response.

Elli started painting at her father’s studio at age of five and showed her talent from childhood.  She studied art after high school in Washington, DC in 1980 and continued her education in graphic design in Montreal Canada in 1991.  She then joined the Women’s Art Society in Montreal and developed her own technique with oil and acrylic.  More influenced by the beauty of fall colors in Quebec when she moved back to Washington, DC in 2009, she started developing her new style with bright colors.  Elli works on large canvas, but never compromises details for abstract style.  She also studied sculpture at Corcoran University, working on Metal and stone.

Elli’s Landscapes show a vast perspective of moments we cherish about nature.  These paintings are intriguing!  She chooses bright colors to represent scenes such as sunset, ocean, desert, forest, floral and figurative, which bring the brightness and details of realism into abstract style, stories of nature and its interactions.  She has an extraordinary way of communicating through her imaginative portraits and figures.

Elli has exhibited in Montreal Canada & the United States.  She exhibits regularly in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland where she is a resident artist at Artists & Makers Studios in Rockville.