Elissa Farrow-Savos

The sculptures I create are somewhat inside out.  I take what is inside our heads and hearts, and represent those things through form and found objects, on the outside of the figure.  The effect is to turn the personal into the universal, and the secret into the known.  In doing this I sculpt a figure that gives physical form to stories most can recognize, but perhaps have not spoken of.  They are each a narration of an inner world revealed – the moments that we never thought to share, and the feelings that we are not quite sure we should feel about our bodies, our families, and our choices.

The actual pieces are a process all my own.  As I sculpt, I push the polymer clay past its intended size and boundaries, then incorporate found objects, and finally paint the baked clay with layers of oils.  All parts share importance, but the actual objects – rusty metal and weathered wood, decaying bones and empty boxes, scraps of fabric and bits of paper – this abandoned debris connects the sculptural world I have created to the actual world of the viewer.  They are a bridge from my imagination to theirs, and although the story I mean to tell may differ from what the viewer ultimately takes away, what is most important is that we have shared the tale.

Elissa Farrow-Savos
46815 Gunflint Way
Sterling VA 20164

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