Denée Barr

Washington, DC native, multi-media artist and vocalist Denée Barr is an artistic chameleon.  Denée studied engineering, film and art at the University of Maryland College Park.  

Through visual narratives and performance art, Denée creates works in collaboration with nature and our environment.  Her art has been described as interpretive, lyrical, surreal and otherworldly.

Artist Statement

My artistic journey is one of experimentation, discovery, subtext and transitions.

I believe in celebrating what is not only seen by the eye, but felt from within the human spirit.  These images are captured with film negatives and printed in the darkroom while experimenting with the silver gelatin process.

I work with liquid photo emulsion as a way of using my film materials like a painter who uses paint to create a Denée Barr Photo 5720152 6x9 72 dpipalette.  I wonder how I can visually produce a print that recreates what I’m seeing and experiencing before the camera lens.  

I see photography as a transcendent art form.  I create textural, multi-layered art that reflects how our world is constantly changing, growing and evolving.  The images resonate for all time.  With photos created through a film negative, I meld their printing process with other mixed media, charcoal, paint, ink, handmade paper and collage.  

Each image is a visual journey resonating in mind, body, and spirit connection.

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